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PHIL2090 - Philosophy of Science: select topics in the foundations of scientific enquiry, PHIL2110 - Formal Logic: An Introduction To Classical Formal Logic, PHIL3612 - Advanced Topics in Metaphysics, PHIP7162 - Project Management and Commercialisation in the Pharmaceutical Industry, PHRM3032 - Social & Professional Aspects of Pharmacy B2, PHRM3042 - Pharmaceutical Discovery & Microbiology, PHRM4012 - Integrated Patient Centred Care 2, PHRM4022 - Integrated Pharmaceutical Development 2, PHRM7010 - Advanced Skills for Clinical Pharmacy Practice, PHRM7040 - Pharmacists in the Modern Health System, PHRM7092 - Patient Focused Quality Use of Medicines 2, PHTY1200 - Introduction to Principles of Physiotherapy Assessment and Management, PHTY1221 - Principles Of Exercise In Physio, PHTY2220 - Physiotherapy Specialities: Musculoskeletal IB (Lumbar Spine & Pelvis), PHTY2230 - Physiotherapy across the Lifespan A, PHTY2240 - Physiotherapy Foundations II: Physiotherapy Practice and Modalities, PHTY3250 - Physiotherapy Specialities: Cardiothoracics, PHTY3260 - Physiotherapy Specialties: Musculoskeletal IIB (Cervical and Thoracic Spine), PHTY7812 - Theory, Practice & Research: Musculoskeletal Phty - Lumbar Spine, PHTY7822 - Theory, Practice & Research: Musculoskeletal Phty - Cervical & Thoracic Spine, PHTY7823 - Practice & Research in Physiotherapy Across the Lifespan 1, PHTY7825 - Theory, Practice & Research: Cardiothoracic Physiotherapy, PHTY7946 - Clinical Practicum in Sports Physiotherapy, PHTY7947 - Research in Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, PHYL1007 - Physiology for Human Movement Studies, PHYL2067 - Human Function in Health & Disease B, PHYS1171 - Physical Basis of Biological Systems, PHYS2082 - Space Science & Stellar Astrophysics, PHYS2100 - Dynamics, Chaos & Special Relativity, PHYS2101 - Advanced Dynamics and Special Relativity, PHYS3080 - Extragalactic Astrophysics & Cosmology, PHYS3900 - Perspectives in Physics Research, PHYS3901 - Perspectives in Physics Research, PHYS4055 - Laser Physics & Quantum Optics, PHYS4070 - Advanced Computational Physics, PHYS7055 - Laser Physics & Quantum Optics, PHYS7141 - Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, PHYS7270 - Advanced Computational Physics, PHYS7900 - Perspectives in Physics Research, PLAN1100 - Foundational Ideas for Planning, PLAN1101 - Teamwork and Negotiation for Planners, PLAN7902 - Applications of Project Management, PLNT2011 - Plant and Environmental Health, POLS1101 - Australian Political Institutions, POLS1201 - Introduction to International Relations, POLS1301 - Introduction to Political Ideas, POLS2204 - International Relations of East Asia, POLS2211 - International Organisations & Political Cooperation, POLS2402 - Globalisation & International Political Economy, POLS2409 - International Relations of the Twentieth Century, POLS3803 - Landmarks of Political Science, POLS7013 - Foundations in Political Ideas, POLS7100 - Overview of Australian Political Institutions, POLS7107 - Globalisation, International Political Economy and Development, POLS7108 - Independent Study (Master of Governance and Public Policy), POLS7114 - Knowledge and Evidence in Public Policy, POLS7258 - Foundations in International Relations, POLS7509 - Gender and the Global Politics of Development, PSYC1030 - Introduction to Psychology: Developmental, Social & Clinical Psychology, PSYC1040 - Psychological Research Methodology, PSYC2010 - Psychological Research Methodology II, PSYC2020 - Neuroscience for Psychologists, PSYC2040 - Social & Organisational Psychology, PSYC2063 - Psychological Approaches To Complex Prob, PSYC2311 - Developmental Disorders of Childhood, PSYC2371 - The Science of Everyday Thinking, PSYC3000 - Advanced Sport And Exercise Psychology, PSYC3042 - Psychological Research: Interpretation & Evaluation, PSYC3052 - The Science of Everyday Thinking, PSYC3082 - Psychotherapies And Counselling, PSYC3202 - Industrial & Organisational Psychology, PSYC3203 - Industrial & Organisational Psychology, PSYC3262 - Evolutionary Approaches to Human Behaviour, PSYC3272 - The Neuroscience of Social Behaviour, PSYC4881 - Advanced Topics in Psychology I, PSYC4886 - Advanced Topics in Psychology VI, PSYC4993 - Advanced Seminar in Psychology III, PSYC7231 - Ethical Practice and Research Approaches, PSYC7241 - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, PSYC7725 - Psychological Skills Training Techniques in Sport, PSYC7806 - Working with Children and Young People in Therapy, PSYC8191 - Clinical Leadership and Supervision, PUBH3010 - Global Health and Infectious Diseases, PUBH7003 - Qualitative Research: Public Health Applications, PUBH7027 - Introduction to Environmental Health, PUBH7034 - Health Promotion in Public Health, PUBH7286 - Qualitative Research for Medicine, PUBH7287 - Introduction to Environmental Health for Medicine, PUBH7288 - Health Promotion in Public Health for Medicine, PUBH7289 - Communicable Disease Management & Control for Medicine, PUBH7290 - Introduction to Biostatistics for Medicine, PUBH7653 - Methods of Clinical Epidemiology, PXMH7028 - Core Knowledge for Mental Health Practice, PXMH7044 - Advanced Clinical Practice in Systemic Family Therapy, PXMH7116 - Mental Health Research Thesis 2, RBUS3904 - Integrated Commerce in Practice, RBUS6901 - Qualitative Business Research Methods, RBUS6902 - Quantitative Business Research Methods I, RBUS6903 - Quantitative Business Research Methods II, RELN1510 - The History of the Supernatural, RELN2410 - The Bible: Narratives & Interpretations, SCIE2020 - CSI UQ: Introduction to Forensic Science, SCIE3220 - Biomedical Science Research Skills, SCIE3221 - Biomedical Science Research Project, SCIE3222 - Advanced Biomedical Science Research Project, SCIE3224 - Advanced Biomedical Science Research Project, SLAT3001 - Cognitive And Social Aspects Of Bilingualism, SLAT7001 - Introduction to Second Language Learning and Teaching, SLAT7706 - Concepts in Applied Linguistics, SLAT7855 - Quantitative Research Methods in Applied Linguistics, SLAT7899 - Language and Intercultural communication, SOCY1030 - Introduction to Health, Illness & Society, SOCY2339 - Introducing Quantitative Research, SOCY3020 - Medicine, Markets and Health: Sociological Perspectives on Health and Illness, SOCY7130 - Social Impact Assessment: applied social research and development, SOCY7339 - Investigating The Social: Structure, SOSC1011 - Social Being: Power, Structures & Agency, SOSC6040 - Social Science Honours Research Seminar 2, SOSC7093 - Community Development Method & Analysis, SOSC7113 - Learning and Mobilising for Community Development, SOSC7133 - Community Cultural Development, SPAN6340 - Advanced Spanish Language Skills, SPCG4000 - Sports Leadership in Diverse Communities, SPCG6000 - Contemporary Issues in Coaching, SPCG6001 - Movement and Performance Analysis, SPCG6002 - Applied Sport Psychology for Coaches, SPCH1201 - Communication Across the Lifespan, SPCH2204 - Paediatric & Adult Motor Speech Disorders, SPCH2205 - Acquired Adult Neurogenic Language Disorders: Differential Diagnosis & Clinical Management, SPCH4201 - Professional Issues in Speech Pathology, SPCH4202 - Transition to Professional Practice, SPCH7801 - Introduction to Speech Pathology Practice for Graduates, SPCH7825 - Acquired Adult Neurological Language Disorders, SPCH7826 - Motor Speech Disorders in Children & Adults, SPMD7004 - Lower Limb and Lumbar Region Injuries in Sport Medicine, STAT1301 - Advanced Analysis of Scientific Data, STAT2004 - Statistical Modelling & Analysis, STAT2202 - Probability Models for Engineering and Science, STAT2203 - Probability Models and Data Analysis for Engineering, STAT3004 - Probability Models & Stochastic Processes, STAT3306 - Statistical Analysis of Genetic Data, STAT3500 - Problems & Applications in Modern Statistics, STAT7203 - Applied Probability & Statistics, STAT7304 - Probability Models & Stochastic Processes I, STAT7306 - Statistical Analysis of Genetic Data, STAT7500 - Problems and Applications in Modern Statistics, STAT7601 - Mathematical Background for Biostatistics, STAT7603 - Data Management & Statistical Computing, STAT7604 - Principles of Statistical Inference, STAT7606 - Design of Randomised Controlled Trials, STAT7614 - Probability & Distributional Theory, SWSP1044 - Human Development and Social Work, SWSP2001 - Identity and Difference in Social Work Practice, SWSP3022 - Moral and Ethical Foundations of Social Work, SWSP3027 - Foundational Social Work Field Practice Course in Mental Health, SWSP3028 - Foundational Social Work Field Practice Course in Child, Youth and Family, SWSP3029 - Foundational Social Work Field Practice Course in Health and Ageing, SWSP3076 - Foundations for Social Work Practice in Disability, SWSP3302 - Research in Social Work and Human Services Practice, SWSP3303 - Advanced Research in Social Work and Human Services, SWSP4100 - Contemporary Social Work: Frameworks for Advanced Practice, SWSP7111 - Introduction to Key Elements of Social Work, SWSP7267 - Family Therapy Traditions: Basic Co, TIMS3309 - Fundamentals Of Technology And Innovation, TIMS7328 - Strategies for Business Sustainability and Innovation, TOUR1000 - Principles of Tourism, Hospitality & Events, TOUR3004 - International Study Tour - Malaysia, TOUR6005 - Industry Research and Consultancy, TOUR7000 - Industry Research and Consultancy, TOUR7020 - Tourism, Hospitality & Event Industries, TOUR7021 - Tourism, Hospitality & Event Service, TOUR7022 - Disciplinary Foundations of Tourism, Hospitality & Events, TOUR7023 - Managing Resources in Tourism, Hospitality & Events, TOUR7032 - Marketing & Distribution Research Project, TOUR7051 - Destination Management & Marketing, VETS1003 - Digestion, Metabolism & Nutrition, VETS1005 - Professional Studies for Veterinary Technology, VETS1021 - Functional Anatomy of Locomotion and the Integument, VETS1023 - Animal Handling, Behaviour and Welfare for Veterinary Students, VETS1030 - One Health: Animals, the Environment and Human Disease, VETS3022 - Veterinary and Animal Enterprise Business Fundamentals, VETS3023 - Veterinary Laboratory Diagnostics for Veterinary Technologists, VETS3041 - Stem Cells, Clones & Genetically Modified Organisms, VETS5128 - Veterinary Anaesthesia and Radiology, VETS6001 - Epidemiological and Research Methods for Animal and Veterinary Biosciences, VETS6617 - Honours Research Project in Animal and Veterinary Biosciences, VETS6619 - Honours Research Project in Animal and Veterinary Biosciences, VETS6627 - Honours Research Project in Animal and Veterinary Biosciences, VETS6632 - Honours Research Project in Veterinary Technology, VETS6640 - Critical Thinking and Scientific Writing in Animal and Veterinary Biosciences, VETS7704 - Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Techniques, VETS7711 - Pathology of Diseases of Australian Wildlife, WATR7103 - Advanced Wastewater and Biosolids Treatment, WATR7104 - Sewer Networks - Design, Operation and Maintenance, WATR7107 - Wastewater Modelling and Control, WRIT1001 - Writing for International Students, WRIT1005 - Fundamentals of Academic Writing, WRIT2000 - Writing & Editing for the Professions, WRIT3700 - Publishing, Editing, and Authorship, WRIT6001 - Academic English & Thesis Writing for International Students, WRIT7090 - Writing and Publishing for Children and Young Adults.