The second section of the statement of cash flows is about investment activity. Loans If loans and borrowings increase during the period, this means there has been an inflow of cash into the entity. The investments of the organization are listed in this section. The repayment of the principal is included as a cash flow from financing activities, because it is the same as the repayment of a debt. Cash flow from Financing Activities Example. It includes the purchase or sale of a property, plant, or equipment. Cash flow from operations= Net income of the organization + Non-cash items + Changes in working capital. The cash flow statement measures the cash generated or utilized by a corporation throughout the accounting period Those cash flows are present and report based on their categories or characteristics or nature that they are using.. Cash flow from finance activities may be a section of a company’s income statement, which shows the net flows of money that are used to fund the corporate. Cash flows from financing activities represent the funds that an entity took in or paid out to finance its activities. Below is a balance sheet of an XYZ company with 2006 and 2007 data. Also, assume that the Common dividends declared – $17,000. Financing activities include obtaining financial resources from and returning the financial resources to the owners or shareholders of the organization. Cash from investment activities. Calculate Cash Flow from Financing. Let’s take an example to calculate Cash Flow from Financing activities when Balance Sheet Items are provided.