The only recent companion of the protagonist, Fangtastic has recently died prior to the start of the game and has his story revealed through flashbacks. He is the youngest of the six main characters and is introduced to the others at the beginning of the story. As the pet of protagonist Nikki Tesla, Pickles is firmly one of the good guys but still sometimes manages to cause trouble. Eventually Geoffrey starts working alongside the Ixis Wizard, Naugus. GoGraph allows you to download affordable illustrations and EPS vector clip art. She makes her home in a wooden trunk filled with water that she calls Fortitude Hall. The ship medical doctor, who has had "at least two weeks of training". First book in the four-part ONDINE series by Ebony McKenna. Opal Otter: Opal is an Otter character in the famous Disney cartoon series PB & J. Opal is the mother of the three otters Butter, Peanut & Jelly. He is an evil mercenary and he is the brother of his partner, Tumble. New users enjoy 60% OFF. Coloring pages. Marten companion to Dustfinger, a traveling fire-dancer. Chained to a rabbit named Redmond. One of twenty skunks, adopted children of antagonists R. L. and Angelique. He can throw shuriken, turn into a cloud of skunk spray, and perform palm thrust attacks. Chief pilot for the giant conglomorate MusTelCo. Real lad living in reduced circumstances. Rumoured to only change his underwear once a week, hence his nickname. The Weasels are part of the Toon Patrol and work for Judge Doom. Ferrets appear as companions of at least two characters in the Harry Potter movies, but they are not explicitly named. Vector Of Asian Otter, Aonyx Cinerea Or Oriental Small-Clawed Otter On Whiet Background. For the former see the books referenced above. Both are noted as having prominent little horns behind their ears, and squabbling for the master's attention. Otters are cute and smart, so giving them an adorable name is an obvious choice! Known as an impetuous braggart, he has few friends until fiery Kia wins his love. While numerous ferrets appear in the Ewok Village in multiple Star Wars films, books, and video games where they are pets of the Ewoks, they are most prominently found in. Cargo pilot and captain of the AirFerrets SkyFreighter. Cartoon animals. Vector Illustration. Sweeting (and two other wild otters, not named). A girly pink otter who loves house designing. Professional detective and amateur philosopher / historian, Shamrock has to untangle a historical mystery. Otter. Collection Of Foot And Trace Vector Icon For Stock. If a character appears in more than one medium, it is sorted under the primary one. Inspector Carmelita Fox's executive assistant who secretly has a crush on her. Franta is a creature resembling a skunk, but made entirely of brain tissue; he is the author of the science-fiction Homeric Greek epic poem about space travel of captain Udeis. This list may not reflect recent changes . Also appears in. He is of the Life element, and has the Sneak skill. A proud, aggressive young weasel. This includes weasels, ferrets, minks, otters, martens, and also skunks, who were formerly included as a subfamily of the mustelids. Protagonist of Eric Schwartz's web comic, An entrepreneur and magnate from the webcomic by. The following list of fictional mustelids is subsidiary to the list of fictional animals. Otter Name Generator Find name ideas for otters. A weasel who runs a chicken-hunting school. [9][10] An unnamed ferret also appears in the Prancing Pony in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.[11]. Her return visit was voiced by Marieve Herington. Illustration Vector Hand Drawn Sketch Of African Clawless Otter Isolated On White Background. are listed from each. 149,487,279 stock photos online. "The Ferret" goes everywhere with protagonist John Kimble. Easy Editable Layered Vector Illustration. Animals. A troublemaking corsair who eventually makes good. Originally Porky Pine's love interest; typically kept a French(ish) accent distinct from the others'. The following list of fictional mustelids is subsidiary to the list of fictional animals.This list is … For the latter, see the character lists provided within the Redwall section. Fictional raccoons are found in the list of fictional raccoons. Little cute otter smiles. A series of 6 novels which feature Sylver and his motley band of outlaw weasels. An anthropomorphic otter with a thick Cockney accent, a womanizer, a thief and a gambler who is the best friend and traveling companion of Jonathan Thomas Meriweather. Our otter name generator will find random name ideas for otters. Please note that The Ferret Chronicles has dozens of named ferret characters not listed here, and the Redwall series (between Skunk whom Brian developed an acquaintance with. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, we offer a 100% money back guarantee for up to 30 days after your purchase. Otters. Podo gives birth to a litter of ferrets at the end of the movie. A young otter who is separated from his family and captured by a trapper, before escaping and embarking on a series of adventures in his attempt to get home. They must work together to escape from a product testing machinery corporation. Funny cartoon otter, vector illustration. The Octonauts' field researcher. In the later books is joined by Jink, another pine marten loyal to Dustfinger. the books and the television show) has hundreds of ferret, stoat, and weasel characters not listed here. Set Of Otter And Wild Stock Vector Illustration. Little cute otter swims. Famous author of adventure stories for kits, husband of Danielle. A trio of sidekicks for the main character, augmenting her abilities with their own. To escape a dead end and win this game, the player needs to convince a pair of ferrets to perform a series of actions. One of protagonist Dar's constant companions and mate of Kodo. Vector Illustration Of Foot And Footprint Symbol. Rare creatures that tend to avoid humans. GoGraph has the graphic or image that you need for as little as 5 dollars. Animals and Birds Trails with Name. One of several animals that the main character Sam Gribley befriends. Your satisfaction is important to us. Dustfinger's constant companions. A "feisty" character who is also good at cricket and insists on proper etiquette. Cute Brown Otter Funny Animal Character Vector Illustration On A White Background. The playable protagonist, a fan of then-popular 'extreme' sports. Easy Editable Layered Vector Illustration. Vector Silhouette Otter On White Background, Decorative Print With Cute Cartoon Otters In The Sea. Vison the mink, the bully of his litter, strikes out on his own after the sudden death of his mother, Accident prone sidekick of the perfectly road-savvy title character. Vector Image Of Wild Animals. The sidekick of the protagonist, Pantalaimon (often called Pan) is a dæmon who frequently takes the form of a pine marten. The major antagonist of the series, who roams the woods with a carving knife. One of them, namely Hoeg, accompanies Ged for the majority of, This page was last edited on 27 November 2020, at 13:45. Animals. He is an evil mercenary and he is the brother of his partner, Rough. Protagonist of the Web comic Rappy the River Otter. Sea otter. Kodo sacrifices himself to save Dar. A celebrity reporter who gets permission to serve on a rescue boat in order to get real-life rescue ferret experience. The sidekick of the protagonist, Pantalaimon (usually called Pan) is a dæmon who frequently takes the form of an ermine. They are thought to be aggressive. Only a few key ones This list is limited solely to notable non-badger and non-raccoon characters that appear in works of fiction and that are in the musteloidea superfamily of mammals. Vector Of Asian Otter, Aonyx Cinerea Or Oriental Small-Clawed Otter On Whiet Background. Note that in the original book version of Inkheart, Gwin was a marten rather than a ferret. Known for his Scottish accent, short attention span/general clumsiness, and catchphrase "Jumping jellyfish!". Pages in category "Fictional otters" The following 10 pages are in this category, out of 10 total. Waterfall. The otters and company are core to this story. She moves away in a story shown early in the program's first season. Tribal Animal collection - Illustration. Proprietor of ZZ Studios, Sabrina's employer in Eric Schwartz's web comic, Booger assists with the protagonist's magic act. River Fauna Collection 1. His catchphrase is "Clear the air!" A merchant who sells different items depending on the game. Krusty travels with and helps Santa Claus. A general troublemaker who dies heroically, Veil is the abandoned son of Swartt. Zoo and animals in a beautiful nature. A skunk that is a master of a martial art he apparently invented known as "Kung Fume". Vector Illustration. Speaks with a Scottish accent. 3. Little cute otter swims. If you have brought a pair of otters, you can probably name the elder one Peanut Otter. The protagonist; a heroic captain of a rescue boat that experiences adventure while trying to save others. An evil warlord known as the Pitiless One, Swartt is the father of Veil. Never existed in the rebooted retconned history of Mobius (after #252). Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Last War: Detective Ferrets and the Case of the Golden Deed, Vison, the Mink (American Woodland Tales), "Sally Sashay - Chuck E. Cheese's Characters",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.