However the presence of Connor here inside the ship causes it to dislodge from the ice and begin to sink – Connor must escape the sinking ship with the map before he is swallowed by the icy water. Be sure to run so Connor will duck through … Once you have returned all Trinkets to Peg Leg at the Homestead and completed all 4 previous missions, you will have access to an area known as Oak Island. Assassin's Creed 3 – Captain Kidd's Treasure – The Mad Doctor's Castle This Peg Leg Mission is available after collecting all 24 trinkets. Head down the corridor after the starting sequence at this location. All Washed Up Complete all Naval Missions aboard the Aquila. umbra_fuhrer 7 years ago #5. 1. I just hid in a pile of leaves until the wolves got close and then jumped out and assassinated 1 at a time. I would like to know just what it is to be found by seeking the treasure of Captain Kidd? Captain Kidd and the Wolves (Spoilers) User Info: basketcase84. basketcase84 7 years ago #1. To literally have it hit me on the head - I thought what the heck just happened to me. share | improve this question ... You also get Captain Kidd's "robes", which turn your mohawk assassin into a Johnny Depp-like pirate captain. William Kidd was a notorious pirate hunter turned notorious pirate, and legend has it that he left treasure behind. User Info: umbra_fuhrer. What is Captain Kidd's treasure? Legends persist about Captain Kidd and the treasure some believe he buried in the Caribbean, and he remains one of history's most famous and fascinating pirates. "Captain's Kidd's treasure is the stuff of legends. assassins-creed-3. You must complete the main objectives in the mission and find Captain Kidd’s Treasure to earn the trophy. Early Life Born William Kidd … Assassin's Creed 3 Treasure Chests locations guide; ... you’ll be introduced to Faulkner the ship captain as well as how to use the accounting ledger to send caravans and to craft items. Came back to GameFAQs for AC3. People have been looking for it for 300 years. In AC3 the captain of the vessel was a member of Captain Kidd’s crew and Connor must find the map fragment in his cabin. ... What is the relevance of young animals in AC3.