Buy Now. If you're in the US and eager to try it, Chef Boyardee also apparently makes a canned mac and cheese you can pick up.. Heinz is no stranger to much-talked-about food. pieces., potatoes about 6 tsp0 8 medium size white or red potatoes., grated cheddar cheese., sliced onion or you can dice them but they are better sliced., salt and pepper to taste., margerine or butter., flour, milk can use half and half, chopped garlic fresh or canned., use your favorite seasoning salt if you like instead of the garlic . Welcome to Flick of the Whisk! If you have purchased previous nacho cheese sauce and found the taste wasn't … I am Simone, a food enthusiast and a Mom. According to Heinz's UK website, the brand describes this pasta dish as a national favorite in Scotland and encourages people to add their own twist to it by adding things like hot sauce or sausages.. Ricos Mac-n-Cheese Recipe Featuring Ricos Aged Cheddar Condensed Cheese Sauce Makes For The Perfect Side For Lunch, Dinner, Or Anytime. See ingredients, nutrition, and other product information here. Tell your friends: Featured Recipe. bacon fried crispy and crumbled in sm. Smartlabel Info. Baked mac and cheese with evaporated milk is not something difficult, and it is a straightforward recipe. Mac & Cheese Can. These steps can help you to prepare that straightforward recipe on your own. Perfect on cheese fries and nachos, it doesn't have any weird canned taste like I have experienced with other brands either. Pasta Made With Cauliflower. This is the nacho cheese sauce flavor you are looking for! I'm happy you are here. Pizza & Sauces. Pasta in Cheese Sauce. Simone Artois . Multipacks.