Despite sounding a tad ridiculous these days, the roots of the law are sound and still serve a purpose. If we find a dead bird we call it in because of the west nile virus and the city or county deals with it. The people who are going to kill the birds or steal nests and eggs are going to do it whether there is a law or not, they don’t care or they wouldn’t do it in the first place, just like anything else that is against the law…abuse to any living thing, robbery and murder. Native bird species are because of the way they were all hunted for fashion accessories during the first century of this country history. Then how bout this….Take you snowflake butthurt whiney azz back to your mommy’s basement and cry for the next 7 years…maybe longer if we are lucky! The bust you mentioned, similar happened on the Yakama rez, Native couple were poaching and taking orders for golden eagle feathers and parts. And i am sure theres a way to tell because you can tell if a hair is ripped out of an animal or person by the way the hair looks from close up. Do you know how to read? And how are they to know you didn’t kill the bird, pluck it, and throw that feather on the ground prior to recording? I understand where you’re coming from here, but they aren’t saying for all laws, just this one in particular. the real problem is what about the feathers in your yard? Thanks for bringing this to my attention. He picks it up and carries it around in his hand, looking at it with wonder and curiosity. The treaty was to prevent sales of feathers from endangered species not to prevent the local woodsman from collecting sacred feathers for non commercial purposes. Too many people will walk up to the bird feathers and pick them up without precautions. They all look like Canada geese but they are all different. All you have to do is take a picture of the feather on the ground before you pick it up. So you may absolutely posses Crow feathers (may be dependant on state) if you have a valid upland bird stamp for them on your hunting license etc. For all I care, go drink yourself into oblivion. It seems harmless to pick up a nest or feathers you find on the ground, but it’s against the law because it’s difficult for enforcement officers to figure out whether it was obtained through ignominious or accidental means. Perhaps we can hire a small clerks office who can tell. Last update on 2020-11-24 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. Statements like the one you just made are not only moronic but dangerous. Otherwise, just walk away from the bird feathers even if they look beautiful. ), Best Gloves for Picking Up Bird Feathers (EDITOR’S CHOICE), Tips On How To PIck Up Bird Feathers Safely. A few months back, the feds busted a black market ring on my tribes reservation in SD because a group of guys were poaching eagles and selling their feathers to a fence in Rapid City who was then selling the feathers to other natives (who didn’t know what was going on) for various uses. Here is a link to the Migratory Bird Act. Yes, REAL Natives are legally able to have various feather for our spiritual beliefs, ceremonies and purposes but even we still get stopped and given hell about it. Because no one would possibly think you killed the bird and then posed the feather on the ground for a photo. I did not ask the bird to leave them there. You are still technically required to have paperwork. I know we have to have the laws so we can have punishments for such things, but some laws are too strict and some are not strict enough, but nothing is perfect. A Gun , the Very thing that will Protect US from those Evil People. So it’s already illegal to kill the birds… making a harmless activity like picking up discarded feathers illegal just cause investigators can’t tell the difference sounds like a problem for the investigators and a basic violation of the spirit of freedom. Yes, for someone who just happens to find a feather on the ground it’s all very excessive. The same way keeping law abiding citizens from owning guns is going to keep guns out of the hands of drug lords and Chicago gang bangers.