Can your diet help alleviate your cold … It can keep you awake at night. For more articles on cough and cold, ... How to treat cold and flu during pregnancy with natural remedies. When the food we eat is not fully digested it changes into ama. During the colder months of the year we can make up to some extent for the lack of sun-induced vitamin D by eating certain oily fish, including salmon, mackerel and tuna and products (such as some cereals) which are fortified with it. This mucus or ama reaches the respiratory system and causes cold or cough. Sweating is very helpful. They can be dry or productive (bringing up mucous), and they can be nocturnal – meaning they only occur at night. Foods to Avoid During Cold and Cough. Other causes are exposure to cold or humid conditions or cold air. Is your cough … Remedies For Common Cold & Cough: body should be kept warm especially feet, chest, throat and head. Eat anything that would be considered nutritious and easy to eat. While caring for myself and my son during our sick days, it was tempting to eat anything that would make us feel good and think less about how awful we felt. But you should be taking a supplement too. Did you know your diet may also have a role in aggravating your condition? This is because some fruits and vegetables are likely to have a cooling effect and can lead to respiratory infections. I remember craving for Jamba Juice at one point, but of course, the icy, cold, fruity treat was out of the question. Is honey an effective remedy to treat cold and cough in children? These include: Depending on whether a person feels nauseous or has a cold or fever, the best foods to eat vary. Cough can be irritating and can make you feel exhausted. The type of cough you have depends on the underlying cause. During winters, you are in for an increased risk of cold and cough or flu. However, let's first see what happens when you suffer from cold. There are certain foods that you should avoid including in your child’s diet if he has a cold and cough. A dry throat can cause discomfort when you swallow and can leave you with crispy cough. Typically, mild soups and soft foods are comforting to people. If you haven't known this already, we can tell you about some foods that can potentially contribute to excessive cold and cough. If you do not cure cough on time it can lead to other problems. Cold, infection or pollutants and side effects of medications are the causes of cough. Coughs can be acute (lasting up to 3 weeks) or chronic (persisting over 8 weeks).