I came here today because someone swore to me that Epsom Salts would keep the slugs from decimating our dahlias. Cl, Fe, Mn, Mo, Ni, Cu, and B. I can’t argue with facts, but I planted 1 gallon size Palms in my yard at the time my neighbors palms were almost 20 years old. Check the label to ensure that the Epsom salt crystals you purchase are not scented and do not contain any extra ingredients. First tried it on my peach tree that looked like it was dying. Re: “P.S. Thanks for your help anyway, thanks for all the info! I used Epsom salts to enhance the colour of a ‘New Dawn’ rose. Study the scientific method to understand this better or have a look here: The Real Value of Anecdotal Evidence. I am a blue ribbon winner when it comes to garden plant shows, but hey, I will just keep on acting ignorant and “Amazed” every time I hear a new fantastical garden “Miracle ” method! The magnesium in Epsom slats will be available to plants almost immediately – as soon as it dissolves. Thank you for your help. I have discussed this in Blossom End Rot. to understand this better have a look at Increasing Soil Acidity. I have been gardening, observing, planting, killing plants since I was 9. However, I had serious problems w/ slugs the past few years and Epsom Salts is definitely helping this year. So, I would be reluctant to give them to my plants, but just bought 20 lbs of Epsom for my bath…. High levels of phosphorus in the soil prevents plants from absorbing magnesium even though there might be lots in the soil. The are something like 14 essential plant nutrients. NOTHING AS GOOD AS EPSOM SALTS IN THE HOLE WHEN TRANSPLANTING TREES OR SHRUBS EVEN IN THE SUMMER. I just clicked on it and read it…. If your soil contains things like limestone, the acid from sulfate will simply dissolve some of the limestone. Location, Location, Location. A review of the literature found no scientific evidence that roses need more magnesium than other plants. Sulfate will neutralize alkaline soils, but that does not mean the soil will become acidic. Additionally, too much Epsom in the soil will drain water from the plant cells. My banana trees are producing bananas like crazy. How can I flush Epsom salts from my soil? Works great. - All You Have To Know, How To Mix Neem Oil For Plants? I’m up to my eyebrows in education and experience and amazingly, even degrees/experience/licenses…just don’t hold any water when people need to believe they way they do. Even in your soil, Epsom salts will not help unless you are magnesium deficient. One of the most common arguments people make, when their belief is not supported by science, is; ” But we don’t know everything”. Planting a new plant; add Epsom salt to the planting hole. P.S. - All You Have To KnowCaladiums - How To Take Care Of These Plants?9 Steps To Get Rid Of Worms In Potted Plants10 Best Plants For Indoor Garden. I’ve never added Epsom salts to any plant in the garden and my roses grow just fine. The mid rib region was also slightly affected. Scented or colored Epsom salt crystals mixed fully into soil can burn the plant’s roots and cause damage to the plant. The first step is to get a soil test done to measure magnesium levels – are they at toxic levels. Will Methanol Foliar Spray Grow Bigger Plants? Nothing to prove or disprove since you say you found nothing. Sandy soil and acidic soil may have a deficiency of magnesium (ref 1). This has been in 4 different large gardens in South Africa; Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape and George in the Southern Cape. We are strictly told not to give out any advice that is not research-backed, i.e., published by or referenced by an Extension publication. Epsom salt is not a miracle product. in chemistry and M.Sc in biochemistry, Having read that you can’t over use Epsom Salts I used it rather liberally and now I am concerned, as I think I have over dosed my plants with Epsom Salts. I do have a degree in Ornamental Horticulture. Plants do absorb arsenic, and if you eat such plants, it will enter the body. Fertilizing with magnesium salt can actually increase the chances of blossom end rot. If your plant is suffering I think it is prob some type of deficiency and these natural salts could really be beneficial. Lime is added to acidic soils! Fruit trees and vegetables bare more abundantly and any plant which bears flowers, flowers far, far better. I grow some roses. Pls reply fast……. Too much of anything is not good for the soil. Error message: "The request cannot be completed because you have exceeded your, Copyright © 2020 Garden Myths | The Rose Society of America (ref 2) does not recommend Epsom salts for the ‘casual rose grower’, but does recommend it if you are a ‘rose specialist’. I believe this advice came from reference #1, and it is no longer a valid link.”. That makes no sense. Thank you! NO POISONS OF ANY KIND IN MY GARDEN…. Thanks for info on epsom salts. Also, in the last few days, the interveinal reddening of my blueberry leaves has dissipated. It does not kill insects or grubs, nor does it repel slugs and rabbits. Not everything can be scientifically understood. The new beds were heavily amended by me with peat moss, Milorganite, Holly Tone and Sweat Peat. I even recently had a “Geologist ” tell me adding lime to alkaline soils was needed, I thought it was the other way around, in fact it is!