The App dedicated to professional installers that simplifies the installation and maintenance of a system. The resulting mess can set the back of the board on fire. Try shorting terminal C1 to terminal 2. If it is getting power but you Do not hear click, you should change the motor solenoid. Automatic Gate Kits From The Online Specialist . They should be double the reading above. from the transformer. Thanks for the reply and links. CAME SetUp. Terminal Y is motor 2 close terminal. Power down, unplug the transformer's green plug, replace the fuses and try again. This is quite common because the motor cable twists through All the readings should be the same. This can happen due to unstable ground, or nearby tree roots growing underneath the gate. Motors with limit switches (eg ATI, FERNI, FAST, some KRONOs) must be set to a mid way position because Gate leaves up to 2m. to terminal 10 of the control panel. If it is not attached to the motor at two points it needs to be replaced. FTL. Check also for short circuits under the panek. If the fuse blows immediately on power up, there could be a transformer problem. A common problem with swing gates. (orange, purple & blue wires) and try again. Compare this Product. For any motor running the wrong direction, swap over the U and V terminals, OR the X and Y terminals. The link bar could be fouled up. Motor hums, gets warm, but does not move. Inspect the motor capacitor. For example, if there is a power outage. They are wired to run the correct way. Your Message: Gate Opener Contractor Scams ~ Don’t Fall Prey Contractor Scams, Security Gate Choices | Sentry Houston Security Gate Blog Post, Automatic Security Gates Benefits | Sentry Garage Door & Gate, Electric Gate Problems ~ Most Common Electric Gate Problems, Tomball Garage Door Supplier – Things To Consider, Custom Garage Doors Benefits ~ Sentry Garage Door & Gate, Dangers Of Torsion Springs For Garage Doors ~ Need To Know. 1.3) If the motor solenoid is getting power and you can hear it click, replace motor. Check that you have 240Vac on the input terminals L1 and L2. As … (see photobeam problems below). Unplug the motor connector. Electric gates are very complicated to install. * The voltage on terminals V & Y during closing should be the same as terminal CT. Check the connections by disconnecting the green plug from the control panel. The App dedicated to professional installers that simplifies the installation and maintenance of a system. Always use a good grade of 4 core rubber cable. Swap over terminals U and V, or terminals X and Y. This could be because the gate is too heavy or too stiff to get started. The actual reading will depend on the motor type. * Make sure the wire go Orange/Purple/Blue from left to right along the bottom row. Automatic gates are incredibly convenient because they allow for quick access and mean that drivers don’t have to get out of their cars in order to access the driveway. Interference can come from radio stations, airports, or military bases. This in turn can cause the electronic locks to jam. * Measure resistance from W to each other terminal. It can shift a maximum weight of 400 kg and a maximum width of 5m. Make sure switch 1 is off; it is the man present setting for use when the gates have no safety devices. There should not be on motors with limit switches. the panel have not been connected to earth. We often get call outs where an automatic gate is not opening / closing at all. If you experience this issue, particularly after wet heavy rainfall, then you will need to get either sturdier gate posts, or an alternative locking system. Gate leaves up to 5m. Make the measurement with one terminal on L2T. If the gate then responds to a close command, Gate leaves up to 3.5m. Try pushing the gate in the direction of travel. Rams and articulated arm motors have motor terminals marked U,V,W. If OK, check the 24Vac output on terminals 10 and 11. Please leave this field empty. * The voltage on terminals U & X during opening should be the same as terminal CT. One motor opens while the other closes. You can test the motor connections like this : * Power down and unplug the motor connector. * To link out relay V or Y, link terminals V & Y. then it could be a faulty flexible cable running into the motor. AXL. The fault may well be a limit switch not set correctly. If the fuse blows at the point the motors start, then a wiring problem is more likely. If there is no 24Vac, then check all the fuses. This could be photcell input problem. you will loose the time delays between the start and end of the movement of the two leaves. Electric gates are very complicated to install. In a FROG system, they are wired into the control panel. Release the clutch and move the gate by hand. Particularly if your gate is very wide, sometimes the weather can cause the gate posts to move. Set the gates to a mid way position. Came Frog-P Frog-S 230Vac underground kit for swing gates up to 3.5m. This is a common problem in electric gates that are experiencing interference from outside. * There should be a low resistance between the orange, purple and blue wires. Switching your gate to manual release mode to do so will make sure you don’t cause damage to the automated systems. In the cases of U,V,X, an Y, Add to Cart. Ideally, the motors should also come with a manual override, so that the gates can be opened manually if there is any malfunction in the motor or electrical supply. This in turn can cause the electronic locks to jam. 2.1) Liftgate makes squealing noise: a. First, check the batteries of the remote. So it is recommended that if this is the issue with your gate, you get in contact with an electric gate repair specialist rather than risk potentially damaging the gate further by attempting a DIY job. See fault 12 to check for transformer faults, and box 11 to check for motor wiring faults. So, power down and power up again. Compare the two sides. Single Aboveground Automation. Put the negative terminal of your meter on terminal 2. If this is the case you will need to get hold of a special antenna and receiver that will be able to ignore outside noise in order to stop this problem from continuing. Terminal X is motor 2 open terminal in the control panel. Information. neither motor runs in either direction, but you can hear the relays running through their normal sequence. If the W relay fails, Sticks, leaves, stones and other obstructions could cause the gate to stick, and keep the motor from working smoothly. Turn off the power to the motor then disconnect it from the power source. £906.05 Inc VAT. BKV. Came Amico Swing Motor - Gate Leafs of up to 2.2m. The radio input will not work when SW1 is on (up). All motor terminals are marked UVW. Max Weight: 400 kg; Max Width: 5m; Max Angle: 120° view product. Instruction Manual for CAME BK Sliding Gate Opener. If the fuses survive this time, the problem lies with circuits connected * There should be no connection from the orange wire to the red wire. Ask the experts - Call 01405 785656 / 01226 370549 (0) Items - £0.00. A Came Amico Motor - for gate-leafs of up to 2.2m / 7.2ft. 14. First make sure that any E terminals on A Full range of gate automation pdf files for download from leading manufacturers such as BFT, CAME, NICE and FAAC. In a sliding gate, this is most commonly due to loose racking that is no longer in contact with the output gear of the motor. Set your meter to resistance - 0 to 200 ohms range. We carry many spare such as both aboveground and underground motor and spare control panels. My Account Trade Login Help & Installations. Instead, drivers can open the gate with a simple touch of a button or a swipe of a card. Gate Automation for . Terminal 3 and 7 work, but they must be held on to keep the motor running. Please leave this field empty. Motor 2 terminal U wires to X on the panel. BKV. from £253.95 ex VAT. * The voltage on terminals W should be zero. Came BK sliding gate motors are ideal solutions for applying to sliding gates for busy venues or ind.. £755.04 Ex VAT. Geared motor for automation with ENCODER. £304.74 inc VAT. you will need to check the transformer (see box 5). When the heat of the summer becomes unbearable, your gate may become a sanctuary for a variety of critters. There are three terminals, OPEN/CLOSE/COMMON. Sliding gates tend to get these obstructions in or around the gate track, but a simple garden broom will do the trick in removing them. Occasionally you will probably need to manually open/close your gate. If either of the 5A mains fuses has blown to a silver finish For new installations the wiring direction is usually made by trial and error. They can stop the gate from opening and closing as it should. However, as great as it is, very occasionally, technology fails us all. Motor 1 wires as expected. However, like most technology, sliding gates are not immune to problems. So rather than act with haste. If the fuses blow this time it is most probably a faulty transformer.