Major California faults and earthquakes. In most cases, as long as a GE course appears in the GE area spread for the CSU, UC, or California Community college, the course will transfer as GE into Cal Poly. GE is changing at Cal Poly.This change, referred to as GE 2020, simplifies Cal Poly’s new GE requirements.GE 2020 takes effect summer 2020, with the start of the 2020-21 catalog.You will find all … 3 lectures, 1 discussion. Some Cal Poly programs specify particular GE courses for major or support; these courses … Paleoseismology, forecasting and prediction. The GE Area designators at Cal Poly (e.g., GE A1, D4) may be different at other colleges or universities. Earthquake safety. CAL POLY GENERAL EDUCATION: Mission Statement.General Education (GE) courses should serve all Cal Poly students.GE courses provide an opportunity for students to work with peers from diverse intellectual and disciplinary backgrounds to develop habits of mind that complement their chosen field of study.GE courses … *These interdisciplinary courses fulfill units in more than one of the three required GE Synthesis areas. Acceleration, resonance, and effects of ground shaking on structures. Intensity, magnitude, and energy. Check the website for California community college information, or check the GE … Fulfills GE Area B1 (GE … Tsunamis. Course Catalogs of Cal Poly Pomona. For more information, go to How to Use Assist located on the Office of the Registrar’s website.