1 to 4 lectures. The Electrical Engineering senior project. Classical Control Systems Laboratory. Magnetic circuits and electromagnetic devices. 1 laboratory. Analysis and design of snubber circuits. 1 unit. Solar cell theory. 4 seminars. Continuation of basic circuit analysis. Design, simulation, construction and testing of solid state amplifiers and sub-circuits to meet stated specifications. Design of closed-loop systems. Full-time work experience in business, industry, government, and other areas of student career interest. EE 346. EE 522. Communication Systems Design. 3 lectures, 1 laboratory. Directed group study of selected topics for advanced students. Investigation of the characteristics of a polymer electronic device. Concurrent: EE 443. Corequisite: CPE/EE 233. Advanced Solar-Photovoltaic Systems Design. Prerequisite: EE 308 & EE 348; CPE/EE 328 & CPE/EE 368, or CPE 327 & CPE 367; CPE/EE 329 or CPE/EE 336 or CPE 316. 3 lectures. Response of linear systems to random inputs. 1 laboratory. Preparation for successful completion of the Electrical Engineering (EE) program at Cal Poly. Ethics and ethical issues as they pertain to the conduct of engineering. LED and Laser Diode sources for use with optical fibers. Microcontrollers for Everyone. One line diagrams and per unit calculations. Projects typical of problems which graduates must solve in their fields of employment. Prerequisite: MATH 244; senior or graduate standing in engineering. Application of basic processes involved in microfabrication: cleanroom protocol, oxidation, diffusion, photolithography etching and sputtering. Noise and distortion, RF oscillators and frequency synthesizers, filter design. We cultivate this knowledge in our technically sound curriculum, which contain complex, realistic empirical assignments from the start.View Article Each student will have a culminating design experience during the 4th year of the undergraduate curriculum. 4 units. Sustainable Electric Energy Conversion. 1 unit. Not open to students with credit in CPE/EE 336. EE 514. EE 520. Prerequisite: MATH 142. Cooperative Education Experience. 3 lectures, 1 laboratory. Hey, just looked at your FlowChart and I have a few comments: 307 and 308 (incl. Prerequisite: BMED 355 or EE 228. Prerequisite: EE/CPE 329 or EE/CPE 336 or CPE 316 or ME 305. Memory bandwidth matching, clock-domain crossing, IP creation and verification, and student-led lectures on modern System on Chip (SoC) design topics. The Class Schedule will list topic selected. Advanced Digital Communications. 3 lectures, 1 laboratory. Implementation of specific design projects, including team-based projects. Instrument transformers. Digital Electronics and Integrated Circuits. 3 units. Prerequisite: Graduate standing; EE 431 or EE 524 (EE 524 may be taken concurrently). 3 lectures. Prerequisite: Graduate standing or consent of instructor. Recommended: EE 111/151. Prerequisite: EE 314, EE 416, and graduate standing. EE 452. 3 seminars, 1 laboratory. Power system grounding. Hardware/software trade-offs, system economics, and functional configurations. Microcontroller-Based Systems Design. Then there is the option of staying for graduate school to spend more time in a particular discipline or to round-out ones general knowledge.. Prerequisite: EE 201 and EE 251; or EE 212 and EE 242; and MATH 241. EE 251. 3 lectures. 1 laboratory. 4 units. Must have demonstrated ability to do independent work and research in career field. Advanced Analog Circuits. Effects of coefficient quantization, and limits of practical filters. EE HOME . Application of fundamental circuit laws and theorems to the analysis of DC, and steady-state single-phase and three-phase circuits. Graphical and analytical design techniques as well as the use of computer-aided design codes. 1 laboratory. Prerequisite: EE 314; EE 328 & EE 368 or CPE 327 & CPE 367. 1 laboratory. Selected Advanced Topics. 4 lectures. Corequisite: EE 409 & EE 449. Gain, frequency response, and feedback of linear small-signal amplifiers. Prerequisite: STAT 350 or equivalent, and graduate standing or consent of instructor. b. Multidisciplinary Senior Project. The PDF will include all pages of the 2020-21 Catalog, General Requirements -​ Bachelor's Degree, College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences, Natural Resources Management and Environmental Sciences, College of Architecture and Environmental Design, Computer Science and Software Engineering, Interdisciplinary Studies in the Liberal Arts, Liberal Studies, an Undergraduate Teacher Preparation Program, LAES -​ Engineering -​ Computer Graphics Concentration, LAES -​ Engineering -​ Electrical Engineering (Power) Concentration, LAES -​ Engineering -​ Industrial/​Manufacturing Engineering -​ System Design Concentration, LAES -​ Engineering -​ Usability Studies Concentration, LAES -​ Liberal Arts -​ Interactive Communication-​Cinematic Focus Concentration, LAES -​ Liberal Arts -​ Interactive Communication-​Theatrical Focus Concentration, LAES -​ Liberal Arts -​ Publishing Technology Concentration, LAES -​ Liberal Arts -​ Technical Communication Concentration, Office of Writing and Learning Initiatives, Agricultural and Environmental Plant Sciences (AEPS), BioResource and Agricultural Engineering (BRAE), Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (IME), Industrial Technology and Packaging (ITP), Interdisciplinary Studies in Liberal Arts (ISLA), Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies (LAES), Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration (RPTA).