Continental Seeds Company offers Bullet Chilli Jalapeno of the highest fine quality that gives more yields and over a long period of time. For bush culture the crop is not pruned but allowed to have more than three main branches. In green form they can still be consumed as they give same great hot taste as in red-ripen form. There are plenty of Habenros chillies out there but his one is a cute standout. Note: Use the most appropriate fungicides or insecticides as per observed disease and pest (consult the agrochemical dealers for appropriate active ingredient to help manage the disease and pest challenges or call our office for some suggestions from our experience). Price: 45 Taka/ packet ( 100 to 120 seeds ) Germination Rate (Approx. A  great producer of bullet shaped pods with a light chinense flavour. To enhance early strong seedlings it’s important to use fine well compost manure (from goats, cow, and pigs) mixed thoroughly with the soil. We offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE ON CHILLI SEED ORDERS. For more information on this product call +254 707 089 014. If you like a chilli variety with different looking pods this would be one to grow. Please leave your valid email address below. The colour change in the pods are amazing. Excellent fruit grade-out for both local and export market. Note: Chicken manure not recommended for use in the nursery because of very high levels of nitrogen that inhabits proper roots formation and establishment. Chicken manure is ideal for use at the top dressing stage. Recommended raising seedlings in the nursery bed for 6 – 8 weeks before transplanting to the main field at pencil- thick stage. The pepper of these breed is open pollinated and ripens from green to red. Habanero White Bullet seeds [250,000 SHU] Habanero White Bullet is unlike the other Habanero is native to Peru and very rare to find. It goes from green and black to a warm brown and yellow. a)      Fertilizer requirement: Top dressing. at rate of 10 gms per plant and second split repeat 2 – 3 weeks from the first top dress at the rate of 5 – 10 gms per plant depending on the soil fertility levels. For more information about free shipping click HERE. Royal Seed is the brand of Kenya Highland Seed, established in 1998. Note: Ensure crop is grown in a fertile land, use manure to enrich soil with nutrients or apply base fertilizer rich in phosphorous at planting period such as N: P: K at 10gms per hole as general application. The Golden Bullet Chilli is stunning and will take your breath away. You can also visit Continental Seeds website at Under 2-3 primary main branches the crop needs string / twine support particularly under green house or shade net production. If you buy chilli seeds for $25 or over, you will be offered free shipping at the checkout. Powdery mildew on leaves and fruit of chilli. With headquarters in Nairobi and representatives in Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi we are Africa's leading supplier of open pollinated and hybrid vegetable and herb seeds. Common diseases – powdery mildew, leaf spot, Anthracnose, phytophora blight, botrytis, Common pest(s) – aphids, whiteflies, thrips, fruit worms. You can also choose from no, yes bullet chili seeds, as well as from pepper seeds, chilli & pepper, and chill pepper bullet chili seeds There are 65 suppliers who sells bullet chili seeds … Bullet Lanka Chilli (Indian) – Seeds-বীজ – MGS1210 . There are 2 suppliers who sells bullet chilli seeds … Padron is the traditional tapas chilli from Galicia in Northwest Spain.