50mm camera lens 4. Easy and cheap to build… There are many different ways to create your own telescope project. Build this telescope and leave it set up in your backyard so viewing the solar system will be as easy as walking out your back door. 3. This is an ideal homemade telescope to create with your children for a beginner’s telescope or one for a school science project. Build your own high range telescope, using Webcam, PVC pipes and a scrap camera lens. Webcam CCD circuit 3. To compute the power or magnification (M) of your telescope, you will use the focal lengths computed in the experiment named, "Focusing Light With a Lens," page … Lens (Long focal length) 2. Galilean DIY Telescope. 1. Students construct simple refracting telescopes and calculate the magnifications. You can make one from scrap through the use of the items you already have at home or simply buy a telescope … The steps and procedures mentioned above will be your guide. Observations, Data, and Conclusions. 60/50mm … Requirements: TELESCOPE 1. To build your own telescope can make that enjoyment even higher.