To make a good overall decision, we looked at eight key areas: Amount of fat; Number of calories; How much protein they contain 32K. Grains are known for not having much fat or protein, and being mostly carbohydrates. All values are the % of recommended daily value. This will obviously vary across the type of each food, as well as brand, especially for rice (i.e. If you are managing high blood sugar levels and/or diabetes, then select a rice from the table above that's low GI and avoid couscous in favour of lower-GI barley, buckwheat, bulgar and quinoa. 32K. Mild, nutty flavor. Symptoms of the so-called “holiday blues” […]. SKYY. Couscous is a small, granular pasta made of semolina flour and it contains gluten. Let's start with a calorie count. To make a good overall decision, we looked at eight key areas: See for yourself how quinoa stacks up against brown rice and couscous in our infographic below: Comparison of Quinoa, Brown Rice and Couscous, Photo credit: SweetOnVeg via / CC BY, Many of us struggle to maintain a healthy weight. On the other hand, quinoa is a whole food with a substantially better nutritional profile and … You can swap them out for each other without having too much of an impact on most recipes, which you might want to do based on your health goals. The glycemic load is a number that tells you approximately how much the amount of food (100 g in this case) raises a person’s blood glucose levels. Which Is Better: Quinoa, Brown Rice or Couscous? These 4 grains are quite similar in their macronutrient profile. The Great Diet Soda Weight Loss Hoax: What You Should Know, Get Well, Stay Well, Live Well | Living Well | Borgess, And of course the convenience factor…how long they take to prepare. In the table below, data is per 100 gram cooked serving, as is all the other data on this page. Despite that they all have a somewhat similar taste and texture, you’ll find that each one goes slightly better with different foods. Fiber helps prevent constipation, helps control blood sugar levels, and may help lower cholesterol. For example, quinoa has more than double the amount of fiber, which is strongly associated with a faster and healthier weight loss. White rice is soft and has very little flavor. The data on this page is collected from the USDA’s nutritional database. Quinoa has the highest overall mineral content, Couscous has the worst overall vitamin and mineral profile, White rice and brown rice have different strengths and weaknesses here. It’s typically recommended to stay below 100 for the day (adding all your foods together), for reference. You may also find Israeli couscous (aka pearl couscous), which is made of larger, pillow-like granules (see image below). The GI of couscous is 65, meaning it will cause greater spikes in your blood sugar than quinoa will. In real life, nutrition will vary a bit by brand, but not by too much. We decided to compare these three grains to see which is the healthiest option for you and your family. However, there are still some differences: If you had to rank them in terms of overall healthiness based on these numbers, it would likely look something like: Calories and macronutrients aren’t everything when it comes to how healthy foods are. Brown rice – Not processed as brown rice is the entire grain. Bottom Line – Couscous vs Quinoa. Is brown rice better than couscous? Quinoa is a bit higher in fiber and protein than the rest, so it’s not surprising that it has less of a glycemic load. [Study Summary], The Best Vegan Food Sources of Tryptophan [Table]. Is quinoa better than brown rice? The classic example would be putting soy sauce on white rice, which is great. I’m not a big fan of putting soy sauce on any of the others. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates […], While the holidays inspire peace and joy, they can also worsen sadness and stress. Rice is a staple for people all over the world. Chemical engineer turned semi-professional soccer player and freelance nutrition writer. Fairly similar to couscous. Couscous, rice, and quinoa are all popular grains that are used in similar recipes for the most part. They sound alike, they look alike, are frequently mistaken for each other, however, couscous and quinoa are very different indeed. Is quinoa better than brown rice? It helps keep you full longer, increases the amount of good bacteria … These grains are typically paired with herbs, lemon, nuts, and fruit. couscous VS quinoa VS brown rice. When it comes to the battle of quinoa vs brown rice, there is a winner. Quinoa vs Brown Rice: Which is Healthier? Mild and neutral taste. Couscous Varieties: Most couscous you will find in Western supermarkets are instant couscous, making it quick cooking. jasmine rice tastes different than basmati). Brown rice doesn't have much, with just 3 per cent of the recommended daily intake, but quinoa provides 12 per cent.