Maybe we are and aren't showing it yet? Working for a start up is risky business, especially if they have no clear direction when it comes to marketing strategies and engaging in new healthcare providers that will accept it's insurance. Highly matrixed organization, leadership on select teams is extremely combative, constant reorgs, constant turnover due to the way employees are treated. Bright Health laid off 50 sales executives, ultimately terminating the postions because they were to cheap to pay for salaries and insurance. I mean A LOT from C level, management to IC level. Only those with MBA's will ever get promoted. "Some of the most miserable yet complacent people I've ever worked with." Dr Ralph Bright - Professional Misconduct - Disqualified from Practice 04 Nov 2019. A growing company that is truly trying to do something different in healthcare. 'Great Culture' under the guise of shuffleboard tournaments and unlimited PTO. Managers are not humble and post instagram photo's of popping champagne glasses to "restrategize" after they laid off the sales team. I will also say, this place handles their seasonality stress really, really poorly. We have the nimbleness of a startup, but with the experience of healthcare industry veterans. We're a young company, and we're excited that we're growing fast. - Lack of career growth support. Bright's concerns about the potential devastation the United States would face from the coronavirus and asked Dr. Poor … Your thoughts have been shared with the teams that are working on a number of initiatives to offer a great employee experience here at Bright Health. The people at Bright are all extremely passionate and knowledgeable not too mention fun to work with. Bright Health has responded to most of the complaints. Folks seem to just keep their head down and work so if that's you it's a great place. Bright Health, led by former UnitedHealthcare CEO Bob Sheehy, revealed July 11 it will offer ACA marketplace products in five more cities in 2019. micro micro management, over glorified customer service rep. Cant work on your own. I have been working at Bright Health full-time for less than a year. When I started I was surprised to see it felt like a large, old company instead of an agile, new startup. - Communicative ELT, - Occasionally working long hours for deadlines or OEP Bright's whistleblower complaint says that Navarro "clearly shared Dr. Bright Health is a growing company, and always working hard to improve while we grow. That's the culture. A grievance is any complaint, other than one that involves a plan denial of an organizational determination or an appeal. There is a silent killer that lurks in every meeting and that is the lack of transparent communication. August 21, 2020. BBB accredited since 6/12/2020. The technology org is growing really quickly which opens the door for opportunities to excel and develop into larger roles. !Bright health tried to have internal sales force the year before I was there and subsequently fired everyone after 5 mo's. I have been working at Bright Health full-time for more than a year. Equity in the company. With Bright Health, you get all three – plus surprisingly low rates that make you feel better. The tech organization continually invests in burning down tech debt and increasing developer quality of life. I can say this company has great potential. During my short time at Bright, our department went through 3 directors. Developers are given the freedom to do what they feel is best for the organization, establish new processes and practices, adopt new technologies, rebuild and refactor. Lastly, very old school company processes. I have been working at Bright Health full-time, This organization is making an honest attempt to build things the right way, You'll need to keep learning constantly, if you consider that a con. Bright Heart Health is an outpatient treatment facility that offers programming for opioids addiction, general substance abuse issues and eating disorders. The quality of software development practices is a primary concern among stakeholders. Good culture. Poor management, poor team work, poor processes. Are you sure you want to remove this review from being featured for targeted profile? - Growth opportunities Tech/Development: The company strongly values input from the development organization when creating road maps. - Working with modern technologies I would hear..."Oh yeah, welcome to Bright Health." Bright Health has the best people with a great team spirit. - Technology teams can feel siloed. The high growth is exciting but often feels are though you are spread too thin. What's more, the number of negative Bright Health BBB reviews amounts to a miniscule percentage of their customer base. Bright Health works hard with our Care Partners – a carefully curated network of doctors, clinics and hospitals – to improve the quality of your healthcare experience while also saving you money. Bright Health laid off 50 sales executives, ultimately terminating the postions because they were to cheap to pay for salaries and insurance. Management is the hammer, you are the nail. Do not be fooled by the unlimited PTO, you will not rest in peace because they do not honor work life balance. General: smart people, liberal PTO policy, flexible hours, downtown office, solid C-suite, no jerks. Not sure if the work/life balance will remain good, so we'll see. We are down in the thick of it at Congress & 6th Street. We are working to listen to what our employees have to say so we can continue to ensure Bright Health is a safe, equitable, and inclusive place to work. 7 Job Hunting Tips For When Businesses Aren’t Hiring, How to Write a Great Job Application Email, 4 Great Personal Statement Examples for Your CV, 6 Great Jobs You Can Get With the Help of Retraining Courses. That being said, the ELT has been very up front and communicative during this COVID pandemic. The people are fun and collaborative. The tech R&D org has been operated in a sort of an ad-hoc manner for the first few years of the company's existence. Great salary and benefits. Your thoughts have been shared with the teams that are working on a number of initiatives to offer a great employee experience here at Bright Health. Great team and management support. the funny thig was that the idiots that were hired to headup the project for internalizing the sales team have never been involved in healthcare or even licensed!!! When asking leadership to name it's priorities, it named a bulleted list of 20 things. These Momo's were even worried about our voices being to loud when speaking to each other or on the phone. Because a lot of the projects are greenfield, it can feel very chaotic at times, especially when it comes to planning sprints at the start. There is one at the upper level targeted towards IPO but no OKRs, roadmaps, etc from each group.