Learn more. Define sinks or swim. If you are left to sink or swim, you are given no help so that you succeed or fail completely by…. English idioms for surviving in business: Staying afloat To undergo moral deterioration: Therefore, this idiom means that if you are put in a difficult position and given no help, so it's completely up to you if you fail (sink) or succeed (swim). 6. 7. In “sink-or-swim” situations like this, you may discover a talent for business that you didn’t know you had … or you might not. I am an English Language teacher. the origin of this idiom mean fail or succeed. sinks or swim synonyms, sinks or swim pronunciation, sinks or swim translation, ... Idioms: go bad, go to pot, go to seed , go to the dogs. I'm looking for an idiom - if one exists - similar to "sink or swim", but describes when someone must learn quickly (say a new job) because they are being faced with the actual experience I teach at a public school in Portugal. How to use sink or swim idiom? If you don't swim, you are going to stay in the same place and drown. Example: She knows that she has to sink or swim. Sink or swim is an idiom that often serves as a warning for people to work hard (swim) or face failure (sink). If you dive into the water, there are literally only two choices: to sink or swim. 8. The purpose of this blog is to share with my pupils resources and new tools to improve their … It is urging you to do something. Our last one is sink or swim. sink or swim meaning: 1. She is doing what she can to thrive in her craft. To bring oneself down to a lower level of behavior: descend, lower, stoop. Sink or Swim. Example sentences with sink or swim idiom. Definition of sink or swim by the Dictionary of American Idioms. sink or swim idiom meaning. What does sink or swim expression mean? Saved by the Bell. A "sink or swim" situation is a situation where one must take action, no matter how dangerous, in order to survive because doing nothing at this point is going to be fatal.