Alt+Tab out of the game and open Task Manager by right clicking taskbar. 3. nikolett.thomas (Nikolett Thomas) September 13, 2019, 2:43pm #3. Trying to go from 1920x1080 50hz which it keeps defaulting to, to 1920z1080 144hz. Right click Borderlands 3 and Set Priority to High. 2. playing at 144hz. Borderlands 3 is a storage vessel, a cryochamber which holds fondly remembered school crazes in its frozen heart. While last week’s hotfix patch squashed a couple of performance-related issues, a proper solution for getting rid of things like stuttering and its DX12 load time problems has yet to materialise. Go to the Details tab and find Borderlands 3 on the list. This build comes with an AMD Ryzen 5 2600 processor, an RTX 2060 Super graphics card, 16GB of DDR4 3200MHz RAM, a 960GB SSD, and a semi-modular 650W power supply. How in the world did they miss this? 1. ... Black Friday 2020 gaming monitor deals: the best 144Hz… Aorus AD27QD – Best 1440p 144Hz Monitor for Borderlands 3 Buy Now on Amazon The Aorus AD27QD is an excellent pick for gamers and designers due to its accurate IPS display with a 144Hz refresh rate. I'm on a fossilized system, it's still chugging along playing most of my games nicely at … Run Borderlands 3. 1440p will drop your FPS considerably compared to 1080p in Borderlands 3, but the sharper and more detailed result is a sight for sore eyes. Or at least 100+hz? Crack it open and you’ll smell a fart and hear the sounds of Skrillex’s seminal dubstep track Bangarang. If you’ve got a larger budget and you want to be able to run Borderlands 3 on a 1440P 144Hz monitor, then this $1,000 gaming PC build might do the trick. Borderlands 3 [PC] Borderlands 3 Tech Support. Borderlands 3 may have been 2K’s fastest selling game in the history of forever, but it sure hasn’t been very quick about fixing its various performance problems over on PC. my i7 4790k stays at around 58c in game. nikolett.thomas (Nikolett Thomas) ... thats odd. what cooler are you running? Borderlands 3 does feature an internal resolution slider, but for some reason, it's not exactly granular - adjusting the slider downwards from 100 per cent takes you to 75 per cent, or 1440x810. What GPU can max out BL3 at ultra....1440p @ 144hz? 4.