More information... People also love these ideas Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute. 2014/002. Overall, the tendency is those looking for registered breeding stock are putting more emphasis on genetic quality, while your strict meat customer likely will only be concerned with meat quality. Type Locally developed meat goat. Info pack ref. We have looked to the show goat industry to find bucks that can improve these traits. This is a normal, and relatively common occurrence, especially at the beginning of the breeding season. I have a doe who does this every single year. Saved by Mandy and Cris Grey. Photo: Origin of the breed The improved Boer goat originated in the Eastern Cape through selection from the indigenous goat breeds and other European breeds of the area. Most of the show bucks we purchased have had to be culled without using because they were not hardy. Goat Gestation Table / Chart. South African goat breeds : Boer goat. It is generally accepted that they are more susceptible to disease than non-improved goats. The American Boer Goat Association does have requirements on how deformed teats may be. Goat Production Handbook 2015 Prepared by: Mdukatshani, ... 10.1 Breeding season ... breeds available in South Africa include Boer Goats, Savanna Goats and Kalahari Red Goats. Boer goat breeding season- Boer goats are polyestrous goats and breed all year round though they don’t breed well in the off-season (April to July). Boer does cycle every 18 to 21 days in favorable environment. Caring For The Boer Goat The use of a goat gestation table cannot be farfetched. One of the importance of having a goat gestation table as a goat farmer or owner is that it would make it easy to schedule the breeding in your herd very appropriately. Clipping Chart. The gestation period for a goat is 145 to 155 days, so figure 150 days, or 5 months. This hasn't been easy. Livestock Judging Showing Livestock Breeding Goats Show Goats Goat Barn Boer Goats Raising Goats Animal Science Goat Farming. 160. We have also been breeding Boer goats for good meat conformation and rapid growth under economically sound pasture conditions.