You can embed this meteogram into your own website with the following HTML code. Month Date; October, 2020: 31st October, 2020. 25SharesTimes and Dates for the 2020 Moon Phases Calendar are set for New York. 45K likes. 2018 Moon Phases Calendar 2019 Moon Phases Calendar 2020 Moon Phases Calendar 2021 Moon Phases Calendar As the Earth's shadow (umbra) misses the Moon during a penumbral lunar eclipse, there are no other locations on Earth where the Moon appears partially or totally eclipsed during this event. 47 °F . Model run: 2020-11-24 06:00; Model update: 2020-11-24 11:14; Wed . Forecasts for wind speeds are blue and for gusts are green. A penumbral lunar eclipse can be a bit hard to see as the shadowed part is only a little bit fainter than the rest of the Moon. 20 mph . The arrowheads point in the same direction as the wind. We have a Blue Moon coming up on October 31, 2020. Blue moon, You saw me standing alone, Without a dream in my heart. Without a love of my own. In doing so, you agree to our non-commercial use conditions. First full moon: 1st October, 2020 August, 2023: 31st August, 2023. It'll be called a Blue Moon because it'll be the 2nd of 2 full moons in a single calendar month. Tomorrow . 33 Blue Room specializes in pork cuisine and wine, complimented with cozy and jazz music. 32 °F . 33 Blue Room, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Blue Moon As perfomed by Chris Isaak & The Scotty Moore Band.