Catchy blog taglines are so called because they have the true potential to drive visitors to your blog. In this post, I will cover tips to make your blog description creative … In this post, I will present you some tips for setting great taglines, along with some great examples of taglines from blogs all over the web. Creatives thrive in communities with other life minded individuals. She shares plenty of DIY projects that can help you to remodel your house and make it more stylish and comfortable. My blog is called “Simply Save” and picking the name was honestly the hardest part! To fulfill the expectations of the readers, you should also have good content in your essay, article, or newsletter. – Lysandra Lu, . Science projects. In the 21st century of blogging, art blogs have become a great way to promote your art, become inspired, and engage throughout the industry. But it’s another good example to illustrate how the blog naming formula works. Next to the title, it is the one that makes make or break decision. And remember, if it doesn’t feel right, keep brainstorming. When users come across your brand in the SERPs, the first thing, they come across is the description. Frugality blogs have really taken off in the past 3 years, mainly down to the state of the global economy. Creative and tricky titles catch the attention of the readers. The Secret Trick to [Achieve a Goal] Exclusive information is king. Here are two examples of blog names created using the formula: Digital Velocity = [digital marketers] + [high speed results] Funnel Overload = [marketing funnels] + [creation and execution] Note: although the first name is quite catchy, and Adam owns the domain, the website isn’t live. Remodelaholic Cassity and her family are a creative bunch that don’t leave anything in their house untouched. Saving money and being frugal with your wages is extremely popular as people have less and less money these days after paying rent, mortgage, bills etc. The importance of blog descriptions may not seem important to you now. These creative art blog names from other existing art blogs are a … Examples of Frugal Blogs. 41. After all, you want to choose a name you can grow into, not one you’ll grow out of. Hopefully this list of blog-naming strategies and tips has given you some inspiration to come up with a creative blog name of your own. Best DIY blog examples. I wanted The Habit Project at first, because I blog about the creative habit, but I found out that the .com for that domain was taken. Here’s a Real-life Example from Jeff Bullas’ Blog: How you can do it: 10 Strategies for Surviving a Call Center; The Retailers Guide you Need to Read; 10 Examples of Failed Cafes (and How you can Avoid their Fate) 4. It also reflects your personality and goals. Here are some examples of catchy titles in different areas of writing. Pay attention while reading the following titles and watch which titles grab your attention. I wish I’d have made sure the url was available.