And always try to differentiate yourself from the competitors –  similar to the business world where you have to offer innovative and competitive services, your blog logo should reflect that uniqueness and your personal way of doing things. Pause is a fantastic example -- it uses an actual paw to represent their name and create something refreshing and unexpected. Tweet. Including hidden meanings is a great way to surprise and entertain your viewers. Just follow this easy step-by-step guide and you will create your blog in less than 30 minutes from now: How to Start a Blog in 3 Simple Steps [Guide & Examples], “Many thanks to all of you! thanks for sharing. Logos, when designed well, can attract attention and create a memorable, top-of-mind brand image. Or you can try some online tools for designing your own logo. You put in all the hard work designing your logo, and then you find out you have to pay to download the logo you just created. This can create some entertaining and surprising visuals. Improve internal communications for the business. Even the Apple logo, bitten as it is, is also an example of well-placed symmetry. Of course, you should never copy it, but you can try and understand their logo concept. If you can unlock your creative side and do something similar, this is a highly innovative way to represent your brand attributes. Considering metaphors, and how to implement them, is a great way to enhance your logo. Actually, based on the same reason, you might be interested in checking the logo of blogs that are not even your competitors. has a particularly creative example: They create the image of a guitar using the “i” and “s” of “guitar” and “studio,” respectively. Tweet. The GIF includes a simple rain animation that creates the image of a wine bottle, which is not only creative but subconsciously appeals to the viewer's thirst. They’re all here in this “how to” guide on IStartBlogging. , for example, uses a very hard-edged style, purely in black-and-white. If you’d like your logo to express an energetic vibe, italics can help the letters appear to be on-the-go. William Melton . The Coca-Cola logo is an excellent example of a nice typography style, elegant and fluent. Providing a shorthand for what you do is a great way to use a logo. Create your own visual marketing material with this drag-and-drop tool. The famous Nike swoosh is an example of how a logo can play a significant role in establishing a company’s reputation and turning it into a reliable, reputable brand. We’ve seen products incorporated into words; why not take it a step further, and make the entire word look like the item it’s representing? Obviously no item is going to be delivered to your doorstep on a rocket, but it makes a good metaphor for the experience: making it quicker and easier to converse with clients over deliverable items. How many of you know that one of the most successful logos of all time, the Nike logo, represents the wing of the Greek Victory Goddess, Nike? If you feel it’s better getting a specialist to design your blog logo, you can try The Logo Company. It is so easy to create the ideal logo for your business now, I have used a free logo creator called withoomph recently which really helped me take control of the logo design and helped me narrow down the ideal logo to represent my business the way envisioned. You can upload your own logos and store them in Visme’s media manager for use in any project, as well as create your own branded color scheme and templates. Silhouettes are a simple way to create a logo; they keep things to a minimum, but are still able to provide a unique style. An abstract is the logo that is used to represent something with the only symbol or icon. Creating a metaphor can be a great way to express meaning faster. To help, we’ve compiled a list of 40 creative and effective logo samples, with tips to help you design the best logo for your own brand. does this in a way that works very well, repeating the basic shape and formation of the “wine bottles” in the trees, while also varying size so the logo is more interesting to view. My brand name is vD. it was made, and it instead uses techniques not specific to a certain age. It is always good to see how others envision their concept, and how they give it a visual form. Shares 4K. Nice article but it was a bit long and it took a time to read it but it was worth reading. Create your logo using different styles, and see which works best for you. I will explain the symbol of the IStartBlogging logo: The blog logo concept: a blog is mostly about a person. Plus, it can also give your logo and your brand a deeper meaning. Use specific styles and fonts to help accentuate who you are and what your name means. Simplicity illustrates this well, starting with a simple heart, then transitioning to their name beside the heart. If you live in the US, you can apply for a trademark at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Web site. Think of how your logo would look 10 or 15 years down the road. Scale marketing content creation process while managing your brand.