The Ubersuggest tool also gives you the related key phrases to help you get the content ideas for your blog posts. This tool is easy to use, all you have to do is to put the keyword in the search bar and the tool will suggest you all teh popular topics related to that search keyword. You have to do comprehensive keyword research to come up with teh best possible topics for your blog posts. All you need to do to get started is to enter a phrase or keyword or an AdWords category, and the Keyword Planner will provide you with relevant keywords and suggestions or possible keyword combinations for blog article titles. The best thing about this site is the ease with which you can use it. In Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator, you just need to know a few nouns about the topic you want to write. @HubSpot’s free Blog Ideas Generator tool gives you a year’s worth of blog post ideas in a matter of seconds. We take your keyword and analyze the current top-performing content in Google. How Will it Change How Companies Use Copywriters? This will give you a comprehensive idea about what exactly can be written for your upcoming post. For example, considering your site is Search Engine Journal, when you make a search for the domain you will see your organic competitors below. You can search for popular content with your keywords and filter your search as well. This is yet another favorite destination for content curators. Sometimes we publish content that includes affiliate links, however, we never accept any money for positive reviews. We will be adding more tools to this list, don’t forget to come back again for more. To get more inspiration and the ability to turn these ideas into comprehensive outlines, upgrade to a paid Topic subscription. Nice toolkit! The content you publish has to be high-quality that answers user intent, coupled with a brilliant title that will automatically attract more readers. Especially when you do not want your blog to be a victim of seclusion. Disclosure: This post might contain affiliate links. So why not use it wisely? You can start with finding your competitors. All you have to do is write down what your topic is about in the blank box of the site and click on the generate blog post idea button. ABOUT. The resources below can point out what exactly is the trend of the hour and what your readers want to read about. Before jumping into how to generate 100+ blog topics quickly, let's discuss the importance of having good titles.I think of blog content development as having two parts: It is no secret that SEMrush gives you the backend access to any website, you can literally find everything about a site from keywords to the best traffic driving pages. Blog Topic Generator. It is important to know what people and potential readers are searching for so as to know what content to provide them with to be found. It allows you to filter your searches by date, language, country, and even content type. Something went wrong while submitting the form. It’s very powerful, but still easy to use tool. Oops! We're working hard on a brand-new way of creating blog posts that melds the power of competitive research with the generative abilities of GPT-3. In order to help you solve such problems, I have compiled a list of resources that have helped me in my blogging career. The tool has huge database with millions of topics to suggest you. You can choose your own area of interest and see what has been written about the most. I knew some of those, but definitely need to try the new ones Thanks for the inspiration, Kaveri! HostGator Black Friday Deal 2020: 70% OFF + FREE Domain, BuddyBoss Black Friday Deal 2020: 30% OFF on All Products, Best WordPress Hosting Black Friday Deals 2020, LearnDash Black Friday Discount 2020: 50% OFF on All Plans, 100 Best Black Friday WordPress Deals 2020 (Cyber Monday Offers), Best Black Friday Deals On Digital Marketing And SEO Tools, 10 Useful Tools and Ideas for Successful Blogging, 300+ Best Blogging Tools for Blogging Success 2020, 20 Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow in 2020. The Google Keyword Planner can be used to search for keywords as well as to get ad group ideas. The site has been divided into several categories. This is a goldmine for bloggers and marketers to generate great content ideas. When you make a search for your domain, SEMrush will show you the organic competitors for your site. You can do in depth research using this tool. It has made my life much simpler and now I do not waste my time figuring out what I need to write and what my post title should be. KWFinder is a very popular keyword research tools that you can use to find amazing long tail keywords with potential traffic. For example, if your main keyword if “digital marketing”, you will get all the related keyword terms around digital marketing with the data. Looking at your competitors keywords, you can create a list of seed keywords (main broad level keywords). So, you get all the important information at the same place. So you know what you should be drafting about without wasting your valuable time. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. This website can be helpful who has a general idea in mind but do not know exactly what to write. You have to have high-quality content with a brilliant title that will…, Your email address will not be published. Most blog content on the web sucks.And it's our fault. Feedly is a fantastic source of knowing what is gaining popularity in the readers market. Once you start using this, you will not be able to think of another site. Quora is one of the most popular and widely used questions and answer forums. This is another brilliant site to know which topics related to your business is getting the most attention. In my opinion must-have for every blogger is social listening tool. We have a detailed article about how to drive traffic from Quora, don’t miss that. If you want to know more about tools similar to BuzzSumo, here is a best BuzzSumo alternatives list. Have a look at the image below, we made a search with the phrase “content idea generator” the system offered us with all the relevant data about the potential reach. There are a number of quality tools and services to find blog post ideas. All you have to do is write down what your topic is about in the blank box of the site and click on the generate blog post idea button. Enter your email and password to get access. Because time is money. You can also filter your searches and check it’s shared in any specified social platforms. The process of deciding what you need to write can be extremely overwhelming in the beginning. Ubersuggest is free to use a keyword research tool that was recently acquired by Neil Patel. Also, don’t miss our article about 300 best blogging tools. Here is how you can use SEMrush to find blogging ideas for your site. Blog Post Idea Generator is an amazing title generator that serves you when your mind is too exhausted to think about anything interesting. Required fields are marked *, Get top reviews, best deals right on your inbox. Once you do that, it will automatically come up with the week’s best posts that have been published using the same nouns. If this has happened to you, please submit the form below so that we can improve the system. Now, SEMrush offers you a tool custom designed to find keywords called “Keyword Magic Tool”. Once you have the list, you can start finding their top traffic driving keywords. You can quickly identify important content by filtering your search options. Portent’s Content Idea Generator is all you need to create an amazing post that will increase your followers in just a day. These are some of the top blog topic generating tools that you can use for your content business. Artificial Intelligence Is Going to Disrupt The Creative Industry.