The Color of Meat and Poultry 15. This recipe gives the flavor of an oven-roasted turkey, but in much less time, and with much less fuss! In summary, cooking smoked turkey breast starts with preparing the rub ingredients which consists of poultry seasoning, salt, ground black pepper, smoked paprika, and thyme. If you have a taste for turkey, but don't want the time or the hassle of a full bird, try a split turkey breast, prepared in the air fryer. Start with disease-free poults and feed them a nutritionally balanced diet throughout their lives. Cook some ground turkey breast in a pan and watch what happens. With the same quality and taste as our traditional turkey breast items, Ready to Roast is … All of our whole turkey (fresh and frozen), boneless roasts, and bone-in breasts are available in all major retailers across the country. How To Make Smoked Turkey Breast. ... Ready to Roast turkey breasts go from freezer to oven with no thawing, no prep and minimal clean up. Avoid molds in feed. Watch how it collapses from near-transparent pale pink into a slightly … Boneless Frozen Turkey Roast - White & Dark Meat. All the meat-including any that remains pink—is safe to eat as soon as all parts reach at least 165 °F as mea-sured with a food thermometer. Read on to learn How to Roast a Perfectly Moist Bone-in Turkey Breast. Raw turkey meat has pink, lavender and blue undertones. Colors indicating spoiled turkey meat include red, green and yellow. Season turkey breast with the spice rub and place in the smoker. Boneless Frozen Breast Meat Roast. Poor nutrition is the leading cause. First, defrost your turkey … breast blisters and abscesses, sore feet, and/or sore legs. Note Turkey is the quintessential meat for Thanksgiving but it can be a disaster for some people. The skin is pale and creamy. Most likely deficiency of vita-min D3 and/or calcium coupled with Staphylococcus and/or Mycoplasma organisms. For a whole chicken or turkey, check the internal temperature in the innermost part of the thigh and wing and the thickest part of the breast. Second, your turkey breasts won't taste dry. If you are a white meat person but don’t want to keep ending up with dry turkey breast meat, there are a few simple tricks you need. Go ahead. After cooking, the light and dark portions of a turkey appear light brown and dark brown, respectively. Use our product locator to find a Butterball turkey product for any occasion by selecting the desired product name, inserting your zip / postal code and desired search radius. Not if you follow the tips below, courtesy of Nick Lang, a Wegmans chef, who's roasted thousands of turkeys over the years.