This is a very simple thing to do to make so many people happy. You've got people from 8 to 80 years old asking, or begging to put it back. Does anyone hear us???? A long time ago I cut & saved recipes from the box. Best chicken and dumplings. Disappointing. I use plenty of broth such as ham broth, small chunks of ham, potatoes, green beans, boiling and then add dumplings and reduce heat. They are 100% differently tasting foods. I have only heavy cream, no milk...can I add water to make the dumplings? You can't beat it for shortcake, pancakes, etc. Add chicken in and dump a regular size can green peas in. I just got a new box, and the recipe for dumplings is in the side of the box, and the drop biscuits recipe is on the side. PLEASE PUT THE RECIPE BACK IN THE BOX!!!! we want the dumpling receipe back on box. These past 2 times there was more broth in the pot, but I have done that before. I add about 1/2 cup more bisquick to the recipe and roll it out on a floured or sprinkle bisquick on counter to roll out. Delicious!!! If there is fat on top of the broth the dumplings will suck it up like a sponge and the dumplings are ruined. been with bisquick a long time.. :). Please. My mother used Bisquick and I do too. There's no substitute. Time consuming if u r in a hurry If not I would have been in big trouble. I like to use a small scoop Like 1 for one cream.I got mine at pampered chef. 2 cups bisquIck and 2/3 cup of milk. Belinda, Florida. Put one in the cookbook you go to the most. Yes, please put dumpling recipe back on box. I am looking at it. No other dumplings will do in my house! Yes!!!!!!! I use bisquick and just roll it out and cut it in strips. I agree what happens to people that don't have Internet! First of all, if you all have been making these dumplings for as long as you claim you have, you should have the recipe memorized by now. With this cookbook, you’re never more than a few steps away from a down home dinner. It's truly not good for our organs and immune system. I am very disappointed in the fact that you took off the recipe for the dumplings, but also for the fact that you now use Genetic.Engineering to produce your product. Simply, print out 2 copies of this recipe. Pot, half gallon water in it brought to boil. biscuits, bacon, peas, salt, cream of chicken soup, carrots, chicken broth and 5 more. I guess they don't care what the customer feels. Wouldn't it be a tad more effective to address any issues with Bisquick on the freaking Bisquick website??? A few years ago I started adding a couple of stalks of celery to my chicken and dumplings. From, Perrysburg, Ohio. I really wish you would return to printing your recipes on the boxes of Bisquick. I use cream of chicken soup for my broth. It is the best! As long as I don't get some disease I will continue to use it once in awhile. Following exact cooking times is also important. Cook over low heat at a gentle simmer for 10 minutes, uncovered. Lindapurlgurl@gmail.Com. and let them set for a few minutes, so they rise. But I like how fluffy the dumplings are. It always seems to be some idiot in marketing who makes these decisions! You can add dried herbs or grated cheese to the batter for more flavor. please help me .. My dumplings are putting me in the dump !!! I use 1/2 milk and 1/2 broth from seasoned chicken broth. Set up for 5 min and serve. my mistake.. who needs to make waffles? Betty Crocker, Bisquick. I make a broth with the dried chicken broth cubes and water and now use a rotisserie chicken (pulled off bone) to make it simple. So, stop expecting the makers of Bisquick to do all the work for you and start doing your own homework. Call the company, the more people calling the better. Thank you. same here , I had to get on the Bisquick site ! . Family owned and operated. Just say NO to flat dumplings! Use pizza cutter to cut in strips and pinch off dough from strips into boiling broth. Made the dumplings Just remember 2 c b/ 2/3milk. The next time I go into the grocery store I am taking a Sharpie and writing the recipe on the box. It is just the Hubby and I now, so i like to buy the rotisserie chicken you can get at Sam's club for $5. I tried this and my dumplings literally dissolved. You know a new generation of users will buy your product. Please put the recipe for dumplings back on the box. Me too I have made them forever and now they are definitely not fluffy anymore - I woudl love to know what changed too?? looking forward to a no fuss chicken and dumplings that doesn't take all day!!!! put recipe back on box whats the problem with pleasing your customers. I've been making these bisquick dumpling for years. While still on low add 1 half can evaporated milk or 1 whole smaller can, and cut up 1 stick of real butter, not unsalted. Bisquick/Betty Crocker has lost its mind. I just bought a box yesterday, it is on the box. Put the dumpling recipe back on the box side panel please! I have it memorized except wasn't sure how much milk. Does this mean you don’t really care about us? In the past they have always floated and I would drizzle some broth over them as they cooked - floating on top of the broth.