I had about 20 ribbons done, … Stepped away from the game for awhile and there's a Patch 1.05; can anyone confirm if this is still works? Can anyone confirm? Thanks for the fast reply I'm trying to finish up some "older" incomplete games. Thanks for the explanation. Should I be deleting my Colombian Archeological Society save too? Got about 40 Blue Ribbons legit and then got frustrated and bored. This is a guide for the 60 blue ribbon challenges that are standing between you and the evasive Blue Ribbon Champ achievement. I knocked myself out. By continuing past this page, you agree to abide by the Terms of Service. Your ribbons will always show what they were before, they don't get affected. djpatterson2011412,400. djpatterson2011412,400. This glitch has never and will likely never be patched out so knock yourself out . The Blue Ribbon Champ counter should still go up. PlayStation Trophies is not affiliated with Sony or PlayStation, it is owned and run by Resero Network Ltd. All other registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The guide is essentially finished, but I'll still be updating it based on reader feedback. Please help. Posted on 08 December 17 at 07:43. Try to get blue ribbons when you can, but don't really sweat it (you should aim to get at least half of them though). It could have been the 5th increment when you got a brand new challenge done and it displayed, causing the confusion. The DLC was pretty fun, in terms of the different enemy setups, ways to fight and just beating each Arena. Am I understanding this correctly? When playing CitC, get all other trophies while going through the challenges. I felt like a badass after learning all different methods of dispatching opponents. 4: You will now find that the trophy counter is going up, even though you're getting the ribbons you already have. 1: Get as many Ribbons as you can then exit the game and return to the XMB. Easy Way To Get Blue Ribbon Champ Just saw this on the sister site and at a glance didn't see anything similar posted over here. http://card.psnprofiles.com/1/FfredericC.png. One of the Blue Ribbon Challenges. I need to finish the last arena to get this chievo so i would be psyched if i could glitch it. Easy (Glitched) way to get Blue Ribbon Champ Try to get blue ribbons when you can, but don't really sweat it (you should aim to get at least half of them though). Or have some idiot accidentally shooting their own allies thus negating the requirements. As for the other CitC trophies, I wouldn't worry too much as any progress you've made towards them will be preserved in the backup you make before trying this exploit . I backed up my profile and save and then deleted the save. God the Blue Ribbon Champ is such a pain! Simply replay however many of the easier challenges you need to and you'll get credit for them again. Take out the USB completely and continue playing without a profile save? Before I deleted my PROFILE data, I had 50/60 blue ribbons, 10 Ops Zeal challenges later, I had a brand new silver trophy. Each wave also has a special activity that the player can choose to do that will unlock a large sum of Silver Eagles and a Blue Ribbon. 385 ratings. I can confirm this works. Then put the save back on the HDD once the trophies pop? In the four arenas of the Clash in the Clouds DLC Pack, the player will be forced to face off against fifteen waves of various enemies. The above principle also partly explains why deleting the Profile save can help fix the fallout from the infamous sign-out glitch that stops certain trophies from popping in the main game and the DLCs. I wish we could replay a level again if we screw up a Blue Ribbon Challenge. Easy (Glitched) way to get Blue Ribbon Champ. Your CitC save is now in a state such that it remembers how many ribbons you have, but not which ones you have. I found it awhile ago by accident, because one of my challenges glitched and wouldn't give me the ribbon. 3-On OPS Zeal, all my ribbons were still in the same spots & my trophy counter would never go up when I completed the same ones. Easy Way To Get Blue Ribbon Champ Clash in the ... com > Xbox 360 Retail Games > Shooter > BioShock Infinite > Clash in the ... arena to get this chievo so i would be psyched if i could glitch … Sign up for a new account in our community. I actually appreciated that part of the DLC. I was forced to delete my profile and stumbled upon the glitch. By I need to finish the last arena to get this chievo so i would be psyched if i could glitch it. Go to your save data and copy the PROFILE save either to a flash drive or to the cloud. Game Discussion: BioShock Infinite (Xbox 360) Blue Ribbon Champ Glitch. It's easy! 3: Reload the game then replay Ops Zeal (which is the first arena if I remember right). Worst is when some of the enemies glitch and ended up spawning within a building! Thanks for posting this method Thoran, and to everyone else for confirming. In otherwords, I only put the original "profile" save back on the harddrive once that final trophy pops? I've added it to the guide, Tried this and when I load CitC I can clearly see which ribbons I have, Not sure what I am doing wrong. Yep, that's correct. So basically what happens is that a new "profile" save is created but somehow our normal "autosaves" remember how many blue ribbons we actually have while only our "profile" save knows which ones specifically are done?