@riChchestM Wait, you're seeing those? Now they’re in a healthier position than they have been for years. It's rarely about being "good" those years and mostly about "don't be awful". Of these I own and rate:1. Those below, were on Wii U and get instantly ported to the Switch which is the "new" system after the Wii U : At least im regards to my particular taste. Kirby can even combine powers to create even more powerful attacks during particularly challenging areas, and if you can’t handle the game alone, you can bring up to three friends along for the ride. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is also the Best Switch Exclusive of 2019 according to our readers, winning 34% of the vote in our People's Choice polling. Maybe you could take a look at one of the RPGs, but remember: be selective. The game is essentially the Tetris take on free-to-play battle royale, pitting 99 players against each other in online matches for a shot at being the last one standing. That said in my opinion, I've not been real happy with any of the consoles this year. What I'm trying to explain to you, is that you play against yourself basically. Each boss requires a different approach and a specific way of looking at the battle puzzle, which can lead to frustration. Warrior Orochi 3 Let’s Go drops random battles, replacing them with simple catch sequences inspired by Pokémon Go. “But at least the PS4 has a huge library of excellent, high quality games which keeps on steadily growing.”. I know that it sounds probably stupid to you but it's really what I think. ARMS is still the Switch's best exclusive. Switch at 17 months has less Western AAA support but is better for exclusives. But I’m not extrapolating that into “this is unquestionably a terrible games selection and Nintendo are doomed. We weren’t exactly overdue for a new one when Fire Emblem: Three Houses launched on Switch, but it’s a testament to its quality that we were still blown away. 1 2 Switch All courses and characters from the Wii U release are included, including all DLC characters previously offered as paid content. tasks two players with completing simple paper puzzles by literally cutting out segments of their own bodies with scissors. Like with the Switch. “I’m not just after attention, I worry about Nintendo”, “Nintendo are doing their best for years”. Because their exclusives sucked (and for Xbox is coming to PC so not really exclusive anymore) until 2015 and all their multiplatform games were on PC, there was no reason to get a PS4/Xbox One then. Sees title. One of the strengths of the Switch is that it does have so many great ports available including MK8D and Disgaea 5 among a ton of others. 1 The Best Switch Exclusives. How about Nintendolife cheers us up with a top 20 3ds exclusives? Super Mario Odyssey2. It's a fighting game, it has its limits, but that's a legit 1st party game, no question. If you’re looking for a game that encourages you to get a little more active, then. If you ever need to show a prospective Switch player just what the system can do across its different modes, you can do a lot worse than Arms. @EightBitMan What exclusives did the PS4 have in its first year? That’s the thing with attention seeking wind up merchants like @Cobalt, they always out themselves by going too far and ruining any chance of believing they’re for real. Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee Who would have thought that on a system that is home to multiple Mario and Zelda games that second fiddle Luigi would still be able to shine? You’re encouraged to create and design your own island from the ground up. expansion. When I bought a SNES, I wasn't soaked by all the big NES games ports. They should make the list Nintendo exclusives and include Wii U games that were remade/re-released MK8/DKTF deserve to be considered. @Agramonte Not to mention Bayonetta 3. None of the games have depth not to mention they all only take about 30 seconds to finish. Wow. I couldn’t get into Splatoon or ARMS, and the demo to Octopath hasn’t really excited me. Not only is Switch's exclusives list a bit more heavy hitting, and is filled with most of the better WiiU exclusives, but there's also a large number of multiplats this time around (mostly RPGs but it's Nintendo, being surprised by that would be like being surprised that XBox is shooter & racer topheavy. Notably, Walmart is the best place to shop for many Nintendo Switch exclusives as well as a few notable third-party games released over the past couple of … The level design suite features an easy drag-and-drop system that works well with either a controller or touchscreen in handheld mode. Nintendo moved away from the open-ended 3D Mario platformers during the 3DS and Wii U’s lifecycles, preferring to focus on course-based levels instead. Anyway, to the point: what were year 1 exclusives for the PS4? This will immerse you further into the game and story. You forgot :Game & WarioMonster Hunter 3 UltimateWii Sports ClubZombi UMario Kart 8The legend of Zelda Windwaker HD, The Wonderful 101PIKMIN 3Super Mario 3D WorldLego City UndercoverMarioKart 8Monster Hunter 3 UltimateZombi U. “Just denying that the Switch is more a s-WII-tch U than a totally new system is just insane...”, “And you can say what you want but I'm sorry, this is fact !”. This new style complements the weird story that somehow features Super Mario characters and other peculiarities. The Spring release skews release schedules since Nintendo mostly does only Q4, but it's standard for Ninendo handhelds.) @Itzsfo0, and this makes me sad, I want a Nintendo platform full of awesome AAA/AA exclusives. The World Ends With You However, at the current moment, my library is not full of very many Switch games. WiiU was bleak until year 2.5. We had NSMBU, Nintendoland, Pikmin 3, W101, Lego City, Mario & Sonic at Sochi, Mario 3D World, Sonic Lost World (do we really have to include that?)