I love earth science because I am a scientist. READ NEXT: 8 Reasons Why Cliff House Hotel Makes For A Perfect Romantic Getaway. I was so sad when I didn't win the award for English in Year 6. Art is beautiful, art is life. I don't think a regular person nor a nerd could understand. For most academic subjects—math, English, biology, chemistry—students come to post-secondary courses with at least some familiarity from high school. Art is not only some kind of lines and shapes on a piece of paper, its way more than that. Even though I like Music, Art and Drama better, I think Biology is quite good. Reading is really a great blessing in life. Anything, basically. Also, I wouldn't have my brother hanging around me watching everything I do. I've always liked English class. Definitely my favorite class of the day. Most of all, it's the only time I feel confident. You learn about poisons and how different substances react and how are stuff formed. I have no clue why math is 2nd. Since my brain isn't suitable for Math, I have a creative part. I love drama because you can express yourself and show people who you really are!P.S did you hear Obama has a llama that does lots of drama, I was expelled for too much Drama I did a pee on the Teacher and called her Dora the Explorer. I know that this is covered in home economics, but a separate class that focuses purely on nutrition would be so beneficial. As a teacher I would recommend a core subject that isn't at risk or being cut from the curriculum at gcse and a level due to low numbers. Communications skills should be key here. NOTHING.Mathematics is second to Physics. Your brain is like a muscle and Math helps your logical thinking, powerful brain learn new stuff and test your knowledge which is very good for your brain. My second choice is history, then R.S. Without Science, this world would have been equivalent to nothing at all.But the biggest thing about Science and the most beautiful, is how Science comes together. He always avoided eye contact with the students, so he was basically teaching to the floor. Like I said before this is an amazing, cool subject and it's my favorite subject. It is such a great way to learn about our Government and rights! History was my best subject in School , When it it came to history Tests , I would ace them with a hundred percent sometimes my friends would be so jealous. In this era of scary climate change and disposable fashion, learning how to live sustainably will soon become even more important. I like reading, don't get me wrong I enjoy all subjects but what's better than listening to someone tell you their life? This means that every country learns some form of English. If you're not from Australia, we call it PDHPE ( Personal Development Health Physical Education). I love creative writing and making up stories. You can't argue that learning how to kick a ball is NOT INTERESTING, but Planck's Law and Quantum Entanglement DEFINITELY ARE! There's certainly a few essential life skills that schools don't cover, that would've been helpful to learn as a teenager rather than suddenly being plunged into the adult world and figuring it all out alone. Explore the best school districts to teach. Physics is the best! The high school student who is not interested in science may be challenging. They are organized by genre and some can be modified for use in different subjects. And who doesn't like learning? English has to be my favorite. It's really too bad that not many kids my age enjoy outer space. First of all Drama is such a fun and interesting subject! On my homework I always leave English for last because it's the easiest. Math is important, Science is interesting and English is great for you to explore your creativity but really if you put those 3 adjectives together then it describes music perfectly! Chemistry is pretty much the basic element of life. I really love Science , you can say that I am an Science freak . I HATED this subject when I was in America for a year. !Rhetorical Question. We can tell so much about nature around us just by using physics and it also uses maths which is objectively wonderful. Anyone can be good at Music unlike Math! And its unfortunate for those who don't get to ever activate that part of their brain. Schools. HAHA! You can mix up all kinds of materials (elements) to create other materials (compounds) and it's general fun when we do experiments. When you get older, you need to learn how to cook unless if you want to get hunger to death. Districts. I am a big huge History lover . Sure you might prefer teaching younger children, but maybe your city or state has a greater need for middle or high school teachers. To the art lovers out there, keep on doing it if its bring out the best in you. It's also a super easy class, And Photography, its cool but still not my favorite. Science teaches us so much about this world and what makes it up. Learning about different cultures, race and gender theories, social classes and how politics and society mix is really interesting for young people to study, and will broaden their minds to hopefully start constantly questioning the world around them. It kinda like rep gym, where go on bus and you think thank can't in a gym, like play pool, beach volleyball, ice skate, mini putt, bowling and some time tennis and some time real golf, rock climb and kick boxing and your play game in your gym some time and you learn different of dance. I am not a band geek, I was actually captin of my schools dance team. I'm really proud of that. Read the books you like, the books you want to read, the books you want to read, savor them carefully in quiet time and space, think carefully, so as to better understand the world, feel the ups and downs of life, and then have a pleasure and happiness.