Adding abundant amounts of bottom and body to thin and unremarkable audio tracks, it does seem like a quick fix for drums that have about as much weight as a feather. If you frequently have to fix up badly-tuned or poorly-recorded drum tracks, you will definitely get a lot of use out of Torque. The various modes work remarkably well for the parts of the drum kit for which they are intended, and there are even two modes dedicated to processing overhead and room mics. Tweaking the controls even just slightly allowed the plug-in to work even more of its magic into the mix, creating radio-ready tracks with minimal effort. The sonic wizardry of the creative duo behind the psytrance act Infected Mushroom is undeniable. This software approximation helps glue the individual elements of a mix together, so it really is best suited for processing entire drum sub mixes. It works well on non-drum sounds too, so expect to get a lot of use out of it during your mixing sessions. Hip-hop and R&B producers especially like how it enhances the bottom end of kick drums, giving it loads of body and fullness. For some users, even just strapping on the plug-in to the drum buss was enough to make the drums wider and close to radio-ready. The beauty of OneKnob Phatter is that it lets you beef up drums, bass, and even vocals simply by turning a single knob. I use it to add pluckiness to bass, remove unwanted mouth clicks, or completely mangle synthesizers. You could also crank it up for extra grit and not thrash the sound’s natural character unless you reach the more extreme settings. Its volatility is what makes it so much fun. Mixing drums often involves setting specific sonic objectives and attempting to achieve them. They can also tighten up flabby or loose sounding drums. From traditional recording practices to extensive editing and extreme signal processing, all methods are equally valid in your quest for slamming beats. The arrival of the software DAW changed all that, and now we can automate pretty much any parameter we like. When I want to add girth to kicks, snares or even drum buss, I regularly employ this technique using the API Vision Channel Strip. Crank it up. I generally use the Pro-Q 2 as a subtractive equalizer — either by filtering out messy low-end, superfluous high frequencies or by using individual bands to hunt down and remove unwanted rumble, boominess, boxiness, harshness, sizzle — and whatever else. CLA Drums was designed to make crafting great-sounding drum tracks simple, straightforward, and fun. They are typically used later in the mixing process, and sparingly, as they are very sensitive and can greatly affect your mix. Trans-X isn’t just useful for making drums punch through the mix. Rounding out Pusher’s controls are “Stereo Image”, which widens the stereo image of the higher frequencies, and “Push”, which adds a nice bit of musical clipping to the audio. Whether you want to fix small issues that perhaps slipped through the cracks while tracking (especially common with drums), or apply broad sonic brushstrokes, the API Vision is an impressive channel strip plugin. Back it down a hair. Addictive Trigger. is a participant in a variety of affiliate programs, such as Amazon Associates and Loopmasters Affiliate Program. As one of the few bona fide sonic architects of the form, he is responsible for some of the most iconic recordings ever made. Read: Eq and Compression Settings for Drums. As with most types of processing, a little goes a long way when shaping transients. Learn how your comment data is processed. Mixing drums is one of the most important aspects of modern music production. One of the most useful features of the plug-in is the ‘sensitivity’ control, which lets you select which transients to process. Addictive Trigger from XLN audio allows you to implement pristine recordings of beautiful drums, all while retaining the dynamics of the original performance. Much of what we love about the sound of a drum is the transient — that magical moment when we go from hearing nothing at all, and then, thwack — a sound is born. But mastering calls for precision. These filters are a large part of what makes the plug-in so useful, but there is so much more to the SSL E-Channel than filtering. For many, CLA Drums is a quick shortcut to sounding like a seasoned pro. I can embellish what I love about the sound, and mask what I don’t. While the most logical approach would be to augment the original drum (let’s say a snare) with one of the many beautifully recorded and performed snares that come with Addictive Trigger, try loading non-matching instrument into one of the convenient “Flexi” spots. Even at extreme settings, the resulting audio is free of artifacts and virtually indistinguishable from the original recording. Even if you prefer the natural sound of un-dampened drum skins, a bit of judicious dampening could eliminate troublesome overtones and make your beats sound tighter. As one user puts it, this plug-in will have you sounding like a pro with very little effort. Although you probably won’t need its pitch-shifting capabilities all the time, its ability to fatten up drum makes it more useful than your typical pitch-shifter plug-in. Whatever compressor you choose, don’t be afraid to experiment with subtle as well as more extreme settings. The 2nd one in our list is Xfer Nerve. Within each of these modes, you have control over the bass, treble, compression, gate, and sensitivity amounts, and over the effects level. Also onboard are a soft-knee compressor/limiter and an expander/gate that gives you total control over the dynamics of your source audio. Drum Channel is clearly meant to help producers and mix engineers replicate the classic 1960s and 1970s sounds from rock’s golden era. It’s a compressor, saturator, and equalizer (of sorts) crammed into one easy-to-use plugin. It works equally well on full loops, synth hits, and anything else that has a pronounced transient. Too much? Although fairly modest compared to other plug-ins, these controls give you pretty much everything you need to crank out some fat beats. Need to have a big, weighty kick drum that fills up the lower end of the audio spectrum? If I want to simulate a lush, dreamy, cavernous space, it can handle that with ease as well. As expected, it does a superb job of sweetening up drum tracks, full mixes, and most any other audio material. Try demoing them, if possible, to see which one offers the sound, flexibility and workflow that’s best for you. Drum Channel helps you transform even the most mundane drum tracks into attitude-laden beats to massive, stomping grooves and everything in between. Similar to Addictive Drums 2, Toontrack’s Superior Drummer 3 is an all-in-one solution for programmed drums. As good as your drums may sound, you will probably need to boost the transients or the initial attack stage to make them pop out of the mix. A key ingredient in countless classic recordings, it’s still a sought-after studio piece that is unfortunately beyond the reach of most recording engineers. There are several hardware and software solutions for shaping transients, and they could spell the difference between slamming beats and drum tracks that have about as much sonic impact as punching a plush toy. Up next is a button that allows you to switch between vintage “Opto” and modern “Electro” modes. Pusher has “Low” and “High” controls that work on the low and mid and high frequencies, respectively. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. As the name suggests, OneKnob Phatter makes source audio bigger, more present, and…well, fatter. As the psytrance duo says, Pusher combines the mixing and mastering tricks that they’ve been working on for 20 years. While the aforementioned modules are excellent utilities, you can also drive the input gain section for a very usable crunch. Combining high and low pass filters and a four-band parametric equalizer, it lets you add gobs of mojo and vintage vibe to your drum tracks and recorded stems. With modes for different elements of the drum kit and a few select controls, Drum Channel provides a simple way to get impressive-sounding drums. Torque is a specialized drum plug-in that could save a potentially disastrous mix session. FabFilter Pro-Q 2. Kick Drum: SSL E-Channel Strip and dbx-160. We just sent a download link to your inbox. There are many ways to make your drums big, bold, and punchy. Onboard are the expected threshold, ratio, attack, release, and gain controls, along with three buttons that change specific characteristics of the compressors circuitry. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you will have to go back and adjust the mic placement of your drum kit. Whether you want to add ‘snap’ to your snare, give it a ‘woodier’ character, or get your kick drums to boom, JJP Drums offers a quick and easy way to achieve those goals. Although JJP Drums doesn’t offer the same degree of control that you would get dedicated EQs and compressor/gates, the available controls do a decent job of polishing up your drum sound.