If you’re new to choir recording, the best way to start is to listen to some great choir recordings. Rather than as a group of individuals, it’s best to think of a choir as one entity. The name of the game here is equidistance. While talking about the best microphone for the choir, it is essential to know about various types. For my money, it doesn’t get much better than the King’s College Cambridge Choir, but there are plenty of other amazing choirs out there as well, so go check out some recordings for guidance and inspiration before you embark on your own project. Like with a piano, many individuals make up the whole, and we don’t record a piano with one mic on every string! Check out this list of The Best 9 Microphones for Vocals for some more awesome vocal-mic options! Fewer microphones mean less feedback and an easier job of adjusting for the best sound. No hard and fast rule here. Here we have a list of budget-friendly choir microphones you can use to start recording music to make a chorus recording or for live singers and stage work. The best choir mics on the list all have a cardioid pickup polar pattern to give you the best full HD sound. How high? Specifically, the best mic for voice recording is a condenser microphone. The 3:1 rule is helpful for minimizing phase problems between individual instruments in a studio or on a stage, but when recording a single instrument (even a large instrument like an organ or choir) with a stereo pair, it is the phase relationship between the two microphones that helps to create your stereo image. A choir of 30-45 voices should require no more than two or three mics. If you are looking for a mic that is specifically designed for the church choir, then the cardioid condenser mics that covers 180 degrees are the best among all. It sounds bold and rich and definitely can compete with the Neumann microphones on this list. It delivers a precise, clear sound, and is usually equipped with noise-elimination technology that removes ambient technical noise from the final recording. The WA-47 from Warm Audio is an astounding mic for recording vocals. Having a slight frequency curve, it will sound pleasurable with almost any singer’s voice and give you enough presence to allow for minimal EQing so you don’t have to spend hours upon hours finding the right settings for … These are sold as a matched pair, which is very important when it comes to recording something like a choir. Australian manufacturer Rode is well-known for producing great mics at a reasonable cost. Best Choir Microphone to Buy in 2020. Once the choir is in place, it’s time to get your microphones into position. A decent cardioid choir mic, correctly placed, will cover 15-20 singers, arranged in a rectangular or wedge-shaped section about 10 ft. wide and 3 rows deep. 1 Rode M5-MP Matched Pair Cardioid Condenser Microphones – Best Overhead Choir Microphones.