Get a good sound (fix any EQ problems, give it some more smack with a compressor, and maybe use a touch of reverb to widen it up) and then move on to the rest of your mix . Go check it out!). Yes, please subscribe me to: Bath Or you could get radical and place the mic under the drum throne, perhaps slightly towards the floor tom. I've had good luck with the MXL 990 though as a room mic. It was also designed for use on a Leslie bottom, as this Drum kits can swallow your mic collection if you choose to record every piece, as can a grand piano if you want every nuance recorded. This saves a ton of time and brain power. Although it requires more effort than doing everything in the box, recording 'real' instruments into your DAW can be extremely rewarding, giving your productions a more organic, human touch. + This article originally appeared in our email magazine, Soundfly Weekly, a review of the best in music learning and inspiration, all focused on helping you learn one new thing every Tuesday morning. By If your mic is producing distorted sounds then it may be time to shop for a new one. The Shure SM57 is undoubtedly the best value for any microphone available, and it’s certainly one of the best-selling mics in the world. The further away from source you place this mic, the more room ambience you get. Receive news and offers from our other brands? How to Make a DIY Vocal Booth in Your Home, How to Develop a Positive Working Relationship with an Engineer, Basic Vocal Processing in Hip-Hop Production, Student Spotlight: Kiri Sparks on Overcoming Self-Doubt with Aplomb, Learn Pretty Much Everything About Synths with Soundfly’s New Online Course, Uncancel the Holidays! Get music news and tips delivered to your inbox once a week. Now let’s add a second mic. Best Overhead Drum Mics & Best Brands for Overhead Drum Mic In spite of the fact that a set of drums can make rather loud sounds, having a mic in the right place is required in certain situations. I usually just blast it with compression for the Albini thing, but it should do the trick for how you want to use it, … In his spare time he writes music for short films, produces bands and subsists on altogether too much coffee. There was a problem. (Computer Music) 29 September 2020. Finally a quick look at mic’ing-up, using string instruments. As always, experiment with microphone positions. Place the other mic, again a cardioid condenser (he uses a Neumann M49), above the drummer pointing down and fairly centrally placed over toms and snare. Computer Music And extending from that, if you have another amplified instrument like a bass guitar, organ or other keyboard, you can use similar dynamic mic techniques  to those detailed for the electric guitar: a dynamic mic close in to the amp, with a condenser further out to capture detailed nuance. You can get away with recording an entire drum kit with one microphone. Our 2020 Musician’s Gift Guide. Again try in front of the upright piano to experiment and blend key noise. Experiment and always remember that, if it sounds good, then it is good! Make sure you understand phase cancellation before adding a second mic into your setup. Sennheiser e604 Dynamic Mic Kit Review Although this is not a full drum set recording solution, this is a set containing 3 X e604 microphones, and these are in my opinion some of the best drum mics to use for toms. If there’s one mic most engineers will tell you is the industry standard for kick drums … Yadda yadda… you get the idea. First released in 1965, it quickly became a must-have mic for guitars, vocals, drums… This placement will sacrifice the round overall image of the kit, but it could be worth it if your production needs that extra punch from these key drums. Alternatively, you could place both equidistant from the snare. And don’t forget that some judicious mixing can bring any one of these approaches to life. $100 is pretty rough. You can also try placing it in front of the kit, the distance being determined by how much room ambience you want mixed with the sound of the drum kit. Increase the number of mics here and you increase the number of drum options, but the microphone type is pretty easy to understand. MusicRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. The one-mic drum trick You can get away with recording an entire drum kit with one microphone. © All rights reserved. Visit our corporate site. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Two Mics. One very prevalent school of thought goes like this: “One SM57 over the snare. The punch of the snare is accented and separated from the overall sound of the other drums. Snare Mics Alongside the kick drum… The other “most-important-element” of the kit is obviously the snare. This placement offers a different kind of natural representation of the kit, this time favoring the kick over the snare. Or far away? Alex is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer from Sydney, Australia. Weekly digest of new Flypaper articles. Blend to mix. Don't miss the latest deals, news, reviews, features and tutorials. Occasional course announcements and special offers. Another general rule with mic’ing up any instrument or amp is that the closer you set the microphone to the source, the more deep and full the sound; the further away, the thinner it gets, so experiment with distance for the perfect balance. Sign up here. (In our free course, Demo Recording 101, we cover the basics of phase, specifically for drum recording. If we were to say that recording a piano is similar to a guitar, you might scoff, but actually there are definite similarities to the two. As with guitars, having two microphones for your drum kits increases your options and quality of results exponentially, and there’s one producer/engineer who has form here. The 4 Microphone Recording Set-Up *Mic Placement for Snare Drum. And don’t sweat the mic itself — use the best you have, but even the humble and stalwart Shure SM57 will yield a good result. A great kick drum microphone is an enhancer that will This the 3 mic Set-Up with a Snare mic added. With only one or two mics, your drum kit can sound as good (if not better) than many of the classic drum recordings throughout history, and it will be organic. ), or with two close-miked drums and a subtle ambient room source. Bob Clearmountain has worked with The Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen and his two-mic method involves placing a good high-output dynamic mic (he favours a Shure Beta 52) either centrally in front of the bass drum, or if it has a hole, just inside. And since every mic on this list only costs around 200 bucks, there’s no reason you can’t have whichever one you like. Or perhaps you’re just starting out, and don’t have the equipment for a complex setup. In some cases, subbing the mono overhead for a mono room will get you where you want to be. Experiment by moving the mic farther away from and then closer to the kit. With three mics, you’ll vastly improve the kit sound with a stereo overhead setup and a close mic on whichever timbre you’re trying to accentuate (D’Angelo-esque rim shots anyone? You can start by taking your mono overhead and then throwing in an extra mic that faces the hi-hat or floor tom.