To soften the masculinity, Patricia Urquiola added pops of refined Italian style, including brass-and-magenta-linen loungers for absorbing sunshine or finishing a novel. But it’s also marvelously witty, warm, and fun. The result is a gift to his friend and anyone planning to visit Melbourne. The quiet, confident arrival of the Vilòn gave Rome a boutique hotel to showcase the city’s sharp sophistication, which too often gets lost among its antiquities—or trumped by that of Paris and Milan. It didn't even have a hotel doing for the city what The Thief did for Oslo. I'm a dual Colombian-Luxembourgish freelance journalist, inveterate traveler and writer based in the world's only Grand Duchy. The veteran company negotiated for sole access to an entire 25,946 acres in the southeast of the reserve, including parts of neighboring Lion Sands and Charleston crisscrossed by both the Sand and Sabi rivers. The-25- in England is the #1 Bed and Breakfast worldwide. To say that a 175-bedroomed hotel with five restaurants, swimming pool, spa, patisserie, and whiskey library feels cozy may sound far-fetched. This former horse-riding academy turned nature camp for grown-ups, 34 miles southwest of Paris, is an extension of the very cool boutique-hotel scene sweeping the city’s north-central arrondissements; one that marries urban taste and country retreat. And across the lobby, a discrete elevator takes guests to P6, a rooftop cocktail lounge with panoramic water views. The hotel so blatantly channels Old Hollywood glamour that, had a designer tried to spin it into a sun-kissed dreamland, it would not have worked. The total number acknowledged amounts to 7,812 properties in 94 countries. I write a column on European affairs for the editorial page of El Tiempo, Colombia's main newspaper. The focus hasn’t shifted at Maroma, but this place does feel remarkably more resort-like than its younger, boutique sibling. The Épi first opened in the late 1950s and for decades it was the destination du jour for stars such as Johnny Hallyday before fading from the limelight. +11-975-827-2224;; doubles from around $668, all-inclusive. The 10 Best Hotels in the World 2019. Doubles from $1000.*. Those repelled by the excessiveness and hyper-development of those islands will be mesmerized. Doubles from about $425. FLASH POINT One of the ski lockers doubles as an honesty bar stocked with Veuve Clicquot, craft beer, and old-school sweets such as candy necklaces, Pez, and Charleston Chews. This is the high-taste country estate to stay in while exploring the arts finds of the Berkshires. There’s a shady courtyard and a long, stone bar with a low-key reception area, a living room with beautiful creeping vines across the ceiling connects to a dining room, and a library with views out to the back. Bright blooms from star florist Eric Buterbaugh undercut the heaviness of it all. +995 322-02-11-99; +91 22-6665-1198,; doubles from about $710. Families flew to Cap J year after year, while major handshake deals would go down on Maundays Bay, and legendary parties would keep the drinks flowing at Pimms restaurant. Our team of editors and contributors criss crossed the globe to put together this year's Hot List. The designers have excelled in filling this space with natural light and drama with a mix of both vintage and new furniture. The staid 16th arrondissement hasn’t exactly drawn visitors over the years. There’s a midcentury positivity, a festival of British optimism; this is a thoughtful pied-à-terre hotel for dedicated followers of London. Derek Klein, who opened barefoot-funky bar Gitano here in 2013, wanted to create a space where the creativity that has been pushed off the waterfront due to development could thrive. Located on 39 quiet acres of beachfront between the overdeveloped hotel zones of Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, Montage looks out on the serene, divinely swimmable waters of Santa Maria Bay. Gerald Chan, Heckfield’s billionaire owner, has a passion for 20th-century British art, and many pieces from his private collection are hanging here; keep an eye out for the black-and-white photographs by Elsbeth Juda lining the main staircase, and the striking portrait of Virginia Woolf by Marguerite Mary Darbour. Most importantly, there’s a feast of food and drink options: an outpost of award-winning cocktail joint Broken Shaker on the roof; a to-go counter off the lobby, an offshoot of downtown favorite breakfast spot The Smile; and two restaurants and another bar from Gabriel Stulman, of the West Village’s Bar Sardine. Among the crush of boutique offerings in medieval Palma, Can Bordoy captures the true heart of the place in a way worthy of the moment. There are fireplaces in the front and back parlor rooms, a free bar with all the drinks fixings, chessboards, and an impressive collection of art books and back issues of The Face to flick through. Upstairs, the 175 rooms, like the ones at the Hoxton in Paris, are not massive but fit king-size beds and have views of either the Manhattan or Brooklyn skyline. Designer Ben Thompson, who was also behind Stockholm’s divine Ett Hem, set off the elegant bones of the property with a color scheme redolent of the countryside—with buckets of natural light—and softened its Georgian might with touches of cozy deshabille (strewn wool blankets, blowsy bouquets of rosehips from the cutting garden). Nowhere else in southern Africa offers such a considered approach to immersive safari while staying somewhere so aesthetically sophisticated. FLASH POINT Give one-day’s notice, and the host can set-up an in-room massage, or a private yoga class in the atrium or garden. New independent hotels have played a vital part in Detroit’s regeneration. Every time a hotel gets added to Dubai, the glitz goes up a notch. The honesty bar and Makers and Growers pantry are full of regional beers, wines, and ciders, while the furniture and art, including the over-head beach photography by Gemes’s brother-in-law, are homespun too. Minimalist it is not. Doubles from about $256. Spend the day fishing or diving with sharks, then unwind after a fresh-caught dinner with a bottle of crisp, dry rosé while playing chess in a Hemingway-inspired lounge. If so, you might think of the gorgeously reinvented University Arms in Cambridge as the Grace Kelly of hotels. In a city that everyone’s talking about right now, this hotel has made the conversation even more interesting. Inside the stone-and-timber cottages are roaring fires and floor-to-ceiling windows for gazing at the misty blue peaks of the Smokies. It’s all those sheer white walls and honeycomb concrete, jaunty Scandi chairs, pottery shelves with lineups of bone-white vases, and abstract shapes in every direction. FLASH POINT If the urge for the bright lights of Barcelona hits, there is a shuttle bus between Little Beach House and Soho House Barcelona.