I've never found a sub $200 mic I liked on kick. The kit includes: Sennheiser e602-II kick drum microphone (1) Sennheiser e604 tom/snare drum microphone (4x) Sennheiser e614 overhead microphones (2) Best bass drum microphones Bass drum microphones are meant to handle very high SPL (as they are meant to go inside the bass drum shell). For example, a kick drum’s mic doesn’t work the same as a mic suited to a tom or a snare. But here is a good starting point: Snare mic. ... this makes it the perfect kick drum microphone. The Audio Technica AT2035 is a studio staple, whether you’re using it for podcasting, voiceovers or music production. It is essential to understand which drum a particular mic works best on. Shure Beta52a Low-Frequency Microphone. The market provides an array of specialized mics that are suited to various drum parts and types. 5. It’s definitely one of the higher-quality budget options for choir microphones that are under $200. It’s a little-known secret that, with the right mic, you may not need more than one or two mics to capture a great drum sound. For live drum mics, it doesn’t get much better than these. So do you choose the SM57 on kick over the PG52? December 8, 2009 @04:54pm. Paired with a Shure Beta 91, you'll get a phenomenal kick drum sound. The Boss DR-3 Dr. Best Kick Drum Mic on a budget? Overall, the U855R from Audio-Technica is an excellent microphone for capturing the sound of a choir. However, let us face it, if you just want to record drums then you probably don’t need them. They sound great! Until you’re rocking the world playing arenas and touring by bus, this set of drum mics won’t let you down. In our opinion the C414 XLII are the best overhead drum mics for recording. And for as great of a quality that they bring, they are also fairly inexpensive, with most coming in under just a little over $200. This means your second consideration should be what type of drum you play the most. The DR-3 is aimed at musicians looking for a band in a box , basically. If you’re looking for a mic that’ll do a good job at enhancing your choir’s sound at an affordable price, definitely check it out. An evolution of their ever popular AT2020 microphone, the AT2035 is a side address microphone which means you speak into the side of it instead of the top. The AKG C414 was famous for its huge range of selections. jpleong #11; 10 years ago . Five Great Mics Under $ 200 Mic #1 - Shure Beta 52A. This is AKG’s answer to the overhead drum mic industry. It’s good to research what array of mics would work best for a situation like this. You can program the DR-3 to take care of all your backing track needs, from drums to bass, so this makes it ideally suited to singers and guitarists who are playing small shows. Rhythm is the most expensive on our list of the best drum machines under $200. Check Current Prices AKG Pro Audio C214. But it’s more common for engineers to use six to eight mics, if not 16 or even 24!