It’s a clever wordplay meaning “more on the ends,” since their frames are heavier on the ends than in the middle. They're all fantastic bikes, but in each case, the name was what first sparked my attraction. At one point in their history, they were the most successful cycling company in all of the US. It’s a name so delightfully simple and clever that I can’t help but love it. If only the coolest cycling accessories and attire will suffice, look no further than POC. Nonetheless, they are almost universally respected for their performance. Firmstrong is rather new to the bike industry, yet they have well blended into their niché, world-wide. Kestrel pioneered the full-carbon frames, which are now widely used in the industry. Convenience, portability, and durability are the main keywords Tern Bicycles has been focusing on since 2011. So I always appreciate when a bike brand commits to model names that are bold, funny, strange, or clever. However, they have been around for almost 50 years, producing quality two-wheelers. Let’s see what are the best cycling brands of 2020 in the world. What is it? It must be the longest name ever given to a bike, and many will simply abbreviate it to Humuhumu. They are imagined as an extension of your personality and as a part of your lifestyle. What are your favorite bike names? These wrestlers possessed athleticism, charisma, and a great ability to sell moves. We believe these 30 bike brands represented here from Cannondale to Yeti are the best bicycle brands in the world. Generate. You’ll find a decent selection of bikes for intermediate, beginner, and competing expert mountain bikers! The brand stands tall by being one of the leaders in global frame manufacturers. There’s literally anything from the youth’s full-suspension mountain bikes to the road, gravel, cyclocross and even three different electric fat bikes to choose from. *Rates between 10-30% APR with a promotional rate of 0% APR for qualified customers. They have achieved the best sales globally, so it seems that riders from different countries trust them the most. They build different types of bikes suitable for ordinary people who just need a better way to commute on an everyday basis, have fun, and save money in the long run. But the two that really stand out to me are the Nature Boy and the Macho Man. That is the main motto of Alchemy Bicycles. Yeti bikes are a very popular choice for downhill competitions, especially their early model called Lawwill DH-9, which was an FS downhill bike. As their selection grows, they’re slowly becoming one of the biggest producers of these attractive and versatile two-wheeled machines. Rocky Mountain cycles is a Canadian bicycle brand that has been producing a wide variety of quality mountain bikes since the early 80s. Other notable brands include: According to our research, these 30+ bikes above are the most popular bike brands in the world. Their approach to cycling is considered rather alternative compared to the mainstream. Another great fact is that Surly was one of the pioneers of fat-biking, and their brand tires were used on most fat bikes at the early stages in the fat-bike industry! The name comes from Hawaii’s state fish. Salsa Cycles was founded by Ross Shafer in 1982. 37) Cannondale Bikes. My wife and I went through a list of hundreds of names before our son was born. RELATED Co-op Cycles is a popular bike brand created by the famous outdoor equipment manufacturer and retailer REI. It’s a classic all-purpose cruiser styled like an old school mountain bike. @astridbear. Known For: Road, Mountain, Hybrid. Best Bike Brands. They had been an independent company until in 1997 they were acquired by Quality Bicycle Products, who have been leading it successfully ever since. The name comes from the famous Mt. However, the list might differ slightly from one person to another, depending on their subjective feelings. Schwinn is a Chicago-based company that was established long ago in 1895. Check out the section below if you are looking to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about popular bike brands. Giant. Their bicycles are designed to be enjoyed with friends rather than ridden competitively, and there’s something for everyone – Men’s, Women’s, and Kids’ bikes. Salsa Cycles is another one of the numerous California-based bicycle manufacturers that made it to my list of 22 best bike brands. Giant produces bikes of all types and prices, so you can buy a Giant bicycle for as little as $300, or for as much as $10,000. Like their namesakes, these All-City bikes are tough showmen. In its early beginnings, GT Bikes started as a BMX manufacturer, and only later, when their success was obvious, started focusing on other types of bikes as well. Their road bikes are the most popular among riders, but they produce mountain bikes, kids bikes, BMX, adventure, and recreation bikes as well. Not many bicycle companies started in the 19th century and managed to keep their business afloat, but Raleigh brand is one of the rare ones. Well fear not! Vote up the best bike makers and down vote anything of subpar quality. The Sqweeb is my current bike, and it lives up to its name by being very plush and squishy every time I huck it off a big jump or drop. We’ve picked 39+ best bike manufacturers in our opinion. Whatever the reason, it's weird and I like it. It’s all about getting dirty, and every weekend, hardcore racers endure cold, pain, and filth. In Central European folklore, Krampus is a horned, anthropomorphic figure described as "half-goat, half-demon" who, during the Christmas season, punishes children who have misbehaved. Sage Titanium Bicycles is a company started in 2012 by Oregon local David Rosen who felt that the never-ending flow of new carbon bikes needed a fresh injection of soul. The expensive line is called the Signature Series, while you can get their cheaper models at Wal-Mart, Kmart, and Sears. Cyclocross is not for the faint of heart. Enjoy! What stands out the most about Prevelo, is that every single detail about the bike has been crafted for the best ergonomic, durability, and safety. As a brand, All-City Cycles has a huge list of awesome bike names like Cosmic Stallion, Gorilla Monsoon, and Electric Queen. They are possibly the most popular and successful bicycle brands in the USA, located in Washington. Precision Bikes. While a little off topic my personal favorite branding of a bike is not from a big brand but a builder. This German-based bicycle company has been massively popular in Europe for several decades but has only recently started conquering the rest of the world, including the USA. They are an Italian bicycle company, combining Italian design and craftsmanship since all of the assemblings are done at their company. Of course, my son is more important than any bike, but if I were given the task of coming up with a good name for a new bike model, I’d probably find it just as agonizing. Create name ideas for your Bike shop using our generator or read our teams name ideas below. DRT-series Mountain bikes The brand was first established in 1840 as a gun manufacturer, but in 1930 decided to do something more philanthropic and started manufacturing bicycles. These reef-dwelling fish have a unique rectangular shape and can make strange, audible grunts when distressed. But Kona has owned them and made it work. From single-speed balance bikes to 21-speed cruisers, and electric bikes. That made it perfect for my wintertime riding adventures. KHS Dominatrax (downhill race bike) Fuji produces XC, trail, electric, and fat bikes, but don’t shy away from their road bikes as well.