It discusses the particle-wave duality in an easy to follow way and early on explains Heisenbergs uncertainty principle. You may save some bucks by buying the two volume set or choosing the used books options under the links. He goes through the formulism and a review of classical mechanics first, where Griffiths jumps into solving Schrodinger's Equation on page 1. University Science Books. From particle-wave duality over the uncertainty principle to the different interpretations of quantum physics. Griffiths does a fantastic job of introducing you to concepts in quantum mechanics without overwhelming you with math and high-level physics. Your email address will not be published. Alternative healing practices in quantum physics are two items that are not commonly used in the same breath but with this concept of energy transmission it’s possible to find new ways to build improvements in one’s lifestyle according to energy healing and atoms. Explain these concepts via illustrations and step-by-step guides can give you a window into the nature of our reality. participates actively in the Amazon Affiliate Program. Something Deeply Hidden: Quantum Worlds and the Emergence of Spacetime. As a highly intimidating subject it can explain the nature of teleportation, antimatter, parallel universes and today’s digital technology. This book, Quantum Mechanics – The Theoretical Minimum, is written by Leonard Susskind and Art Friedman. Rather than focusing in on the math and equations behind quantum physics, this is a book that explains more on the concepts and implications of quantum physics in our own world. The subject of most of this book is the quantum mechanics of systems which have a small number of degrees of freedom. And since it nicely explains many important concepts, even physics students may profit from reading this book before looking at a book filled with formulas. Intro to Quantum Physics by David Griffiths. I especially like Quantum Mechanics by David McIntyre and Quantum Mechanics by John S Townsend. You should be aware that the book contains formulas, but they are very accessible due the great explanations and images that accompany them. Although it may sound intimidating, this is a book that is perfect for classroom study or for any young mind. Rather than getting bombarded by a series of complicated explanations, you can have many of the details of the concepts without having a constant bombardment with technical knowledge and mathematics. They had to be to decently develop QM. The illustrations in this book as well as the fun and creative writing will have you reading page after page. Therefore for many people, this is the perfect beginner book when learning quantum physics and quantum mechanics. In this idiot’s guide, actually complex topics are broken down into easy-to-understand solutions for students and science enthusiasts. Quantum physics continues to push the boundaries of what we know and science and the structure of the universe and this book explores the wonders of this discipline. The basic idea of this book is to help budding minds to separate science fact from fiction in pseudoscience. This includes you, even if science is not your favorite topic. But it is a very understandable book, that can be worked through in a spare weekend. Both Ways: Particle-Wave Duality, Where’s My Bone? Quantum physics: an overview of a wheeled world and conceptual foundations in physics is written by Marco Masi. A few other books with a spins first approach are also quiet good in explaining introductory quantum mechanics. This is the third book in a ten-books series by nobel prize winner L.D. Here are some of the best quantum physics books you could be reading today: Here are some of the best quantum physics books that you can consider to expand your knowledge on the subject: Quantum Einstein debate is an exploration of quantum theory from a historical perspective. The images really help with the understanding. Part of what makes the book so great is a multitude of images that accompany the text and greatly help with the understanding. Then it continues with additon of angular momentum, stationary perturbation theory and the fine and hyper-fine structure of the hydrogen atom. Modern Physics: The Quantum Physics of Atoms, Solids, and Nuclei gives readers an introduction to the concepts and methods of quantum physics, making it a perfect quantum physics book for beginners. We start simple, …, This book, quantum mechanics, is the third book in a ten-books series by nobel prize winner L.D. The latter is fairly complementary and has much more content on the particle part of quantum physics. ... book.pdf . It's clear, it's terse, and it's comprehensive. Townsend, John (2012). He makes an excellent case for the Many Worlds interpretation along the way. The book comes with a supplement of online learning as well as a series of video lectures that will take you through the various chapters. The explanation of various phenomena and miracles is explored in this book. If you have always been interested in studying quantum physics and you would like to expand your overall knowledge of this complex subject matter, it could be helpful to get access to a good learning guide to aid you in your self-study. The exercices have in general no solutions, but are so simple, that this should not be a problem. But with simple formulas and exercises and crisp clear explanations, it is also a great book for physics students. However, bear in mind that this does not in any way affect the quality and reliability of the information we share on the site, and it does not in any way affect the price you will pay for any book. Together with the exercise book it is also a great fit for physics students. Answer by Jay Wacker, physicist, on Quora: Griffiths is the ultimate self-study textbook for quantum mechanics. The book is designed to be an entertaining and insightful look at quantum physics from a more fun and uncomplicated respective. The book has 52 images, quite some of them showing historically important physicists. If you are interested in studying quantum physics at a beginner level, advance level or even as a young reader, there are books that we have detailed in this article which can help you to gain a based knowledge in  quantum physics today. On the other hand, important quantum concepts like the particle-wave duality and the uncertainty principle come very late in the book. With the principles of classic physics as well as new mechanics that can explain the phenomenon on a more global scale, this is an intellectual guide that can explain some of the most important moments throughout the history of physics. (shelved 3 times as quantum-mechanics) avg rating 4.10 — 2,399 ratings — published 2014 Want to Read saving… It’s the first book in a two-volume book series that includes some of the basics of quantum physics and its conceptual foundations. Unsubscribe at any time, Quantum: Einstein, Bohr, and the Great Debate about the Nature of Reality, Something Deeply Hidden: Quantum Worlds and the Emergence of Spacetime, What Is Real? The goal of this book is to present quantum physics in a format that is easy for those that find math and science intimidating. Your email address will not be published. This fundamental approach to modern physics is written by John S. Townsend. It delivers a fantastic introduction for non-physicists that do not shy away when seeing formulas. And it is great in explaining the main quantum mechanics concepts. Starting with the causality of theory and leading to an updated understanding including all equations, this is a book that can prepare you for future in-depth University study. The chapters in the first book cover particles and waves, the mathematical framework of quantum mechanics, the postulates of quantum physics, and simple systems. I highly recommend Shankar's QM(1) Book, it undergraduate/beginning graduate level, starts off with a chapter on the linear algebra that you need ( using Dirac's bra-ket notation), and then after a quick review of classical mechanics, proceeds to build the theory from the 'postulates' of Quantum mechanics. Copyright 2020, We won't send you spam. Detailing her own experience and the scientific models that she drew inspiration from, Energy healing uses modern scientific approaches to explain the vibrating energies at a subatomic level. Topics covered include the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, quantum and classical physics as well as the double slit experiment. The 200 simple diagrams serve is an excellent learning guide to help you dive into the basics of physics. Let us know in the comments, and we may review them as well. Where to start quantum physics after learning the mathematical part of it. The book can take you up to a graduate or professional level examination and it has a wide range of theories covered as well as unique applications for these theories.