Shape Up! Tutor in a Book’s Geometry 2. Fun with Triangles and Other Polygons by David Adler and Nancy Tobin is an incredibly fun book to introduce and teach your students about basic geometry concepts such as triangles, polygons, and angles. Geometry is a branch of math that deals with the study of shapes. What makes this book so engaging is the hands-on and interactive nature of it. Paperback. Geometry allows mathematicians, scientists, engineers and other professionals to understand relationships that connect shapes to the real world. Geometry, Grades 9-12: Mcdougal Littell High School Math (McDougal Littell High Geometry) by Ron Larson , Laurie Boswell , et al. 1. Sacred Geometry: Philosophy and Practice by Robert Lawlor. Again,to be able to read it,one needs to be very comfortable with both linear algebra and group theory and a certain comfort with basic real and complex analysis will help. If you want to start off learning about sacred geometry, then this is the book to start off your journey! 95. The author explains both the history and the connection between sacred geometry and ourselves. Elmer Rees' classic Notes On Geometry is still the classic textbook on plane geometry from an advanced standpoint and should be in every mathematician's library. | Jan 1, 2004 4.5 out of 5 stars 280 McDougal Littell Geometry. It’s an amazing book! Best sellers See more #1 price $ 6. Learn Math Fast System Volume III (Volume 3) May 16, 2015. by J K Mergens. Barron’s Painless Geometry 3. We live in a world of shapes.