They are quite expensive. But, between this Juki and my Bernina, I am set for quilting. Juki: $69.99, Pfaff: not needed, Viking: $95. I do use it for all of my decorative stitches, and lately it’s been sitting on my dining room table while I quilted a bunch of quilts using the a wavy stitch with my walking foot (Bernina stitch 4, width set to 5, length set to 3). It still runs like a dream! I get so many questions about sewing machines, and honestly I am NO expert on sewing machines, I only know what I have! I decided to try a new machine which got me to the 2010. Here is my last post 4 years ago that is more in depth with more links. I am the worst at oiling mine…but I do give it a good clean and oil every couple of weeks. I love my 440QE. So I feel like I kind of have juki in my head already, BUT I hear so much about bernina- unfortunately I haven’t sewn on a bernina. But before last month it had been in my closet for maybe a year or more untouched (I hate typing that but it’s true!). They ordered another off brand one and they love it. Stitch Speed: The Bernina sews 900 … What I would change about this machine:  The walking foot is still loud, clanky, and really a pain to use. Now, I have the new Juki QVP J 150. I am 64 now and if I need something like that, I will go to my friends sewing shop and borrow hers haha. Archived. I also have a Juki 2010 that I purchased about 6 months ago as I was becoming frustrated with piecing on the Bernina. I bet I can find one to try at the quilt show I’m attending next weekend…thanks for the idea! I just finished my first garment on it as well and it did a beautiful job. I hardly ever use this machine! So this year I made the quilt and she loves it. I’m am looking into getting a new machine. Janome: $49.99. I slow down, change needle, rethread top and bobbin, and try to manage the weight of the quilt. Hi. When mine skips stitches I know I need to clean it out and give it a new needle and it always works fine, so I’m not sure why it would be skipping if you did those things. Also it’s annoying there is no zig zag stitch, this is only a straight stitch machine. $60 - with a fast search, I found one for the Essante made by Baby lock and others were $40 or so for the unbranded. What I love about this machine:  It is fast, it is reliable, it’s very low maintenance, it has no computerized mechanisms I worry about breaking, it still has the needle down and thread cutter I love, it free motion quilts like a dream with a much larger throat space, it’s powerful when sewing through multiple layers, and it’s very easy for my kids to operate and sew on now that they are more interested in sewing (this model has the speed control, so I can turn the speed dial all the way to slow and it’s perfect for kids). so the Juki space is awesome. Good to see an updated review! My two daughters are anxious to get involved and our current machine is an entry level used Singer I got at a yard sale:) Our local showroom has the 3 brands I mentioned as I’m the type of person who likes to shop local and see what I’m buying in person. I love using the walking foot on this machine, and it’s quiet and pulls the fabric through like a dream. I’ve heard Janome feet work great with the Juki (I have the piecing Janome foot) so maybe that was it. I would like to learn to quilt. Thank you for this review Allison! I have a Bernina 135 or I did, my first Bernina I bought it in 2001 after 9/11 when DH said life’s too short, go buy a good machine. I believe 2 features distinguish the newer Berninas - the Micro Thread Control and the LCD display. I had worked on improving my cutting and pressing thinking this would improve the piecing situation but nothing seemed to change how lousy things lined up when working on the Bernina. I tried the DX7 at a recent quilt show! Go try one out.. I’m definitely going to check out the Juki QVP J 150! that would include leather and fabric. As long as their price is competitive, I would like to buy local. I have been a janome user for years a sewing quilts but just recently started sewing garments for children and myself. I never use the BSR on my Bernina, because the throat space is too small and my Juki quilts better without it! I love your HEART quilt and the PUMPKINS quilt. More like once a week…maybe when I clean it. but then I stumbled on the Janome 9450 and fell hard for it. See the latest Sewing Machine Reviews for 2019 & 2020 below... Janome Memory Craft 6650 Sewing Machine Details Created: 29 August, 2020 Click to see on Amazon. I LOVE that stitch!! Thank you for the recommendation! I believe 2 features distinguish the newer Berninas - the Micro Thread Control and the LCD display. I have found though that now that I have started to sew bags I have problems getting through thickness of fabrics. I just finished my first garment on it as well and it did a beautiful job. Newer Bernina’s have larger throat space and are faster, but they are also thousands more than the Juki. I also have a Bernina 220 which is basically the same machine. If only there was one perfect machine that could do everything! From Singer and Brother to Juki and Bernina, we cover all the major sewing machine brands and provide comprehensive reviews and consumer ratings to help you make an intelligent purchase. That is interesting…I wonder how much I would use it if I had it?! so the Juki space is awesome. I have also tried to focus on the brands which are most popular on the UK market, and so haven’t included Babylock for example. I know I have to be careful when stitching really fast on the 2000 because I can tell you that screws loosen when you do that! I decided to just wait and buy another machine at some point. I have Bernina 530 that I purchased about 2 years ago. That’s also my main concern with moving up to a fancier Bernina — different bobbins. I have it all cut up into squares now to sew back up again! I hated it before, it sounded like it would destroy the whole machine. If I had to start from scratch and if I had the money, I would buy a Bernina 750. I’m not quite sure why she discounted the Juki, although maybe her profit is smaller on those. Berninas are nice, but I believe they are overpriced, both for the machine and the presser feet. Last week I was answering an email with questions about my Juki and I told her I’ve had it for a “couple of years“….then she emailed me back after reading my first post about it and said….”actually, you’ve had your Juki for 4 years“. I am focusing more on making clothing rather than quilting if that helps any. It is for sure lighter than the 2000 or the 2010, does 250 stitches, and has a floating foot feature which actually allows me to quilt without changing feet, and you don’t have to oil it. 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