2169 Words 9 Pages. The suggestion for a quartet was first made to Beethoven in 1795 by Count Apponyi, the dedicatee of Haydn’s quartets Op.71 and 74, but it was to be three years before Beethoven took up the challenge, in the autumn of 1798. Less than a decade later, by the time of his second set, Op. When the six quartets of Op. 4, there is the implication that the first movement sonata form has indeed been emancipated from the looming tyranny of the minor key and that the movement will, in fact, end in C major as opposed to C minor. 18 No. In 2006, they released a disc of two of the Rasumovsky quartets, Opp 59 Nos 2 … Beethoven waited to compose his first set of quartets, Op. The six quartets published as his Op. 18 finally appeared in 1801, reactions were generally enthusiastic, though as usual with Beethoven, some conservative-minded critics found the music harsh and ‘difficult’ – an astonishing reaction to us two centuries later. T he Brodsky Quartet have taken their time over the Beethoven quartets. 18, until he was nearly 30 because he knew they would be compared to the masterpieces of Haydn and Mozart. 59 in 1806, his quartets would … Show More. Analysis Of Beethoven's String Quartet Op 18 No 4. In Beethoven’s string quartet Op.