Bee balm, or monarda, is a spectacular plant when grown under the right conditions. Activities on your server! Eastern bee balm is a lovely purple variety that produces a lot of nectar. They also both grow readily from seed, and you can find cultivated bee balm seed here and wild bee balm seed here. It’s common in the central and southeast United States. On The Trail. New Players. New Game Features. Varieties of the Lemon Balm Plant. Let’s look at a short list of some of the types and the differences between them. There are two main varieties, Mondarda didyma, or scarlet bee balm is what you’ll see most commonly in garden perennial beds.Mondarda fistulosa, or wild bergamot, is the wild version native to the United States.. Polls. ... Bee balm South Hoof 228 351 Between the f and P 10 Bee balm Firgrove 313 192 At sandpit 20 Get to know the different types of lemon balm, what makes it distinct from the Bee Balm plant, how to cultivate it, and the various uses of this herbal plant. There are many different varieties of the Monarda species, and about 50 commercial cultivars commonly available. General Discussion. Monarda species and their many hybrid varieties come in a stunning range of colors. The lemon balm is an herbaceous perennial that belongs to the Melissa genus. Bee balm (Monarda spp.) As the name suggests, their presence will summon bees to your garden, along with other nectar seekers, such as butterflies and hummingbirds. Forum Rules. Bee balm flowers usually come in either red or purple (2), but some varieties produce other colors such as golden yellow, pink, and white. Types of Bee Balm. Community. Whether you call it bee balm, monarda, bergamot, or Oswego tea, this plant is a sure bet for bringing pollinators to the garden. They are one of the best flowers to plant in your garden.. A single, dense, and globular flowerhead is formed at the end of the stems or axils. Like all bee balm, it will attract bees, butterflies, and if you’re lucky, hummingbirds. All Farah's plants map! Lemon Bee Balm. Both species are edible and medicinal and have similar properties. Monarda didyma, Scarlet bee balm. But an awful lot of bee balm varieties are naturally-growing wildflowers in the United States. The Club House. – also called wild bergamot and Oswego tea, according to Master Gardener Steve Albert – is an herbaceous perennial growing in … This annual is a wildflower but it’s also cultivated by bee balm lovers. Announcements. General Announcements. If given plenty of sun and well-draining soil, it will flower from mid to late summer. Blossoms reminiscent of fireworks in a variety of colors mean more than just pollinators enjoy the summertime display. The name "bee balm" may refer to any species in the genus Monarda. Still, the plant’s annoying predisposition to powdery mildew often makes it an eyesore in the garden. Vigorous growth and a long bloom time also make this plant a standout in any garden setting.