<> Author content. The object of sampling is thus to secure a sample which will represent the population and reproduce the important characteristics of the population under study as closely as possible. <> endobj 1. "��;�-^�;��1J�� 1ʈ�!���$~� ��BDX�&�l�p#���N�$�–����D�n"w��&kH9�G�S�H���X�c'��[�&?#}�����s�y�Q�9&7)7*�&�]� �Z�I�K"$C��R���i��)S�L�3[av���\kAX�blS�֏�/����"_=g�=gv�4�@��"0�|0 ����^N���ĸ���~�uZ���pg�O�G�w]���!�r�A�ɟP*o����4�������CB]feB�*-N��VS�����o=�u�5U��kt�_c�s��Ng�wY��/A3��n`��G��� �h�q&�Ō#~���'G���� +7�G)��m|SVe~&�G���3(T@���-��Y$�|�J��!��*1��6(> - the length of every anchovy in the South China Sea - the haemoglobin count … 15 0 obj • How to match the sample plan to the objectives and choose the right size sample. Introduction The aim of this article is to discuss about the sampling and sampling technicality. endobj 4 . [Raj, p4] The surveyor’s (a person or a establishment in charge of collecting and recording data) or researchers initial task is to formulate a rational justification for the use of sampling in his research. ,D_�ev�ظH�k����e|>��Ȇ�MrL��@�z�t�Md�C���mD9%H �݀���y�7?� ���k�(P/Y�����Em�;�;[F� �$���A!��nЦ\6�v��p��=����D��—��U`�i�@��m:�dv�]W� #ӵ��]�Z�'zdu C}�R�ă(x�A�i`�e.��Dx�P�3pg� �Q΢Rn��3���Eچ�����B�M-�B�&D����<5=����Ҏ�0�ұ,Nڢ!���QW_I�Pa�S��� E8f�l !���hlؙ��+ZH���)Ճ4���?�� a]8��X��߼YDF��O��� �� #���u��u�g�K�"�����1�%O�����)yT�=��қ���z?�O��� ��qZ��ŝ�D��뭺��Ð�"=p+�����)t���T�N�b��"�� AN-236An Introduction to the Sampling Theorem..... ABSTRACT With rapid advancement in data acquistion technology (i.e. %PDF-1.5 The populationis the entire group that you want to draw conclusions about. www.ti.com An Introduction to the Sampling Theorem 1 An Introduction to the Sampling Theorem With rapid advancement in data acquistion technology (i.e. H�T�Mo�0���>v�!|��J��$����N�aH#D���q�i�'�����U�T�a�&{�����i ��� N��r;m���O�y��v�E��]�K���9}�@����z؝��/ All content in … It can be very broad or quite narro… 16 0 obj In business, companies, marketers mostly relay on non-probability sampling for their research, the researcher prefers that because of getting confidence cooperation from his respondent especially in the business sample … �Z2�g��`�^���0�*ΐ�3C W�אg@桜ijm"F��y[�!�z��ܯC%U8Sy|YT��eWh ���v�)��B� Statistical agencies prefer the probability random sampling. 4 0 obj "ꐮ°��)�$Zv�D 18 0 obj 14 0 obj 11 0 obj endobj Example: The Literary Digest and Presidential Elections . Describe a sampling distribution in terms of “all possible outcomes” 4. Survey Methods & Sampling Techniques Geert Molenberghs Interuniversity Institute for Biostatistics and statistical Bioinformatics (I-BioStat) ... •A full account of stratification requires more than just the introduction of weights, but including weights that properly reflect stratification is a first and very Sampling Method in Research Methodology; How to Choose a Sampling Technique for Research.pdf. Introduction to CHAPTER1 Statistics LEARNING OBJECTIVES After reading this chapter, you should be able to: 1 Distinguish between descriptive and inferential statistics. • The steps you must apply to put your sampling plan into action. <> ��g���N���}��r/����R;��6V� �F��mU�U�}a[?I�m�L�K���@x�U��I��>�}D5����j���?Q+�g�(ŧeO����������v��e�O�^ kr7deSO�J��Av�hUgC)q��Z��:Cࡢŭ�@l������[�e��ū�u\�k+۱bJz)�^R��{=�D�N���ɑ�}=ʊ.�$�8�,�V���~�A�[h��ʆEV��i�:�tᯤ �(��CHw�r#��l�*R䖸�Q����ך#@_@^53>-eM. <> endobj ����(SP`P@ �l‘�-k&� -����Sgf�k`�`�� ��l�0���H �6[�%� Most of the lower 88 0 obj << /Linearized 1 /O 90 /H [ 993 582 ] /L 551759 /E 29578 /N 17 /T 549881 >> endobj xref 88 27 0000000016 00000 n 0000000888 00000 n 0000001575 00000 n 0000001730 00000 n 0000001915 00000 n 0000002256 00000 n 0000002631 00000 n 0000003080 00000 n 0000003735 00000 n 0000004088 00000 n 0000009328 00000 n 0000009711 00000 n 0000010168 00000 n 0000014211 00000 n 0000014252 00000 n 0000014863 00000 n 0000016073 00000 n 0000016869 00000 n 0000017429 00000 n 0000017736 00000 n 0000018290 00000 n 0000018428 00000 n 0000024676 00000 n 0000024816 00000 n 0000026749 00000 n 0000000993 00000 n 0000001553 00000 n trailer << /Size 115 /Info 86 0 R /Root 89 0 R /Prev 549871 /ID[<44ee03eb4321989009d8096f6796f8d4>] >> startxref 0 %%EOF 89 0 obj << /Type /Catalog /Pages 74 0 R /Metadata 87 0 R /JT 85 0 R /PageLabels 72 0 R >> endobj 113 0 obj << /S 534 /L 647 /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 114 0 R >> stream Sampling is a procedure, where in a fraction of the data is taken from a large set of data, and the inference drawn from the sample is extended to whole group. M. H. Alvi (2016): A Manual for Selecting Sampling Techniques in Research 4 PREFACE The Manual for Sampling Techniques used in Social Sciences is an effort to describe various types of sampling methodologies that are used in researches of social sciences in an easy 7 0 obj T�wN-h=d/uB_��qx��Jƣ �Fa�ض�J�}��9�Uif���8^���EX��a�� ��֛S��Z䅉���A�p���@ry���Zs4Uݖ�rrC'�M�,(��x�b������Fez�~Rs��-�~���Ь���e\�%'}`�JydRS����N�+y>%�ݽ���755^lE-��xĪ��ګ h�s�z?����;�����[B�"���9�Pr/Y��gc���n��K��M���Q�D_��,/�������l#6��|Km ���$��x��/��=�6�ǿ�TJ���y�oQ�����v�[;���I�t�N�9�����Q��&'C�ۍ)�!�Ъf ��c�,�_u�_̯��2�r�4��&(�re� vĕ��q�L/^���,�� �XS|������Y�='���ʤ�}f���k; �v泍s���w&�N5��Ղ�9Q[��v߭�ǖƑ��'3F�'����ތV/��+7��M��+13����:��ۣ�\�%����bM����GD��L��chH*t�r�5l�xŘ���j���������Ajk��lyk۲�R�Ux��!�T�&�v���S �j�����^�8P���:kF2Ս�}\`"\������A�:���T�>ux-yj�����������l��Αq�7jF�[K1ne��35-�jf`1\ċ�r$� INTRODUCTION •Why do scientists need to know about:-1)Experimental design?-2) Sampling techniques ?-3) Statistics? ��#e�`�(�n�NXԓ���hk`���0S����@y֑���x����p��!ޖD�:[#��ٞ�bU�A�%�PN�^�R�~� ���.��@�7�nD�� �f��ܙ����B���RC /����L����Ħ��Ӻ�g�p[Ph�%�kQkKR����>� Rځ�����o���gr�R��w�d~ly(1g����:���))����RGB21N����B��`\?fQ0A�]q��,��l�@�%,+�%U$@�ҍ�5tRޖg� ���;S4���`�J*l%�9`�)�ײ\)*Y�cƏ��#�l'��묪 <> An Introduction to Headspace Sampling in Gas Chromatography Introduction This document is intended to provide the newcomer to headspace sampling with a concise summary of the theory and principles of this exciting technique. endobj <> An Introduction to the Sampling Theorem AN-236 National Semiconductor Application Note 236 January 1980 An Introduction to the Sampling Theorem An Introduction to the Sampling Theorem With rapid advancement in data acquistion technology (i.e. *�R�K�������D*B�ĔeF�MސO�WYjO�M0��xR�p�c��I�(����L�̙��L�O�GZ�["L&���#2�(R�����d�1�ڵ+DA����>���ض9��\�'mK���H�)�гI��T`e�=ev>H��&5�JJ��d�in��_n�~ꤑU4NQM%�k�j�n�8Ɋ sample) for study from a larger group (a population). 19 0 obj endobj PROF. DR. MOHD ROSNI SULAIMAN FACULTY OF FOOD SCIENCE AND NUTRITION UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA SABAH. endobj endobj owners to select their participants who consisted mostly of wealthy individuals, whereas Gallup tried to get a sample which represented characteristics of the population. endobj In non-probability sampling, the sample group is selected from the population and the how the sample differs from the the population cannot be determined. Enough information is included here for the user to understand the basic concepts and relationships in HS sampling to apply )�!��u��*�mɕDE$���/��v���C&�5�LjfF\��0���7�:>O�itRI�`{s��[���u����D(()�xFBFFB� �h��� 13 0 obj INTRODUCTION TO SAMPLING THEORY AND DATA ANALYSIS These notes are meant to introduce the ocean scientist and engineer to the concepts associated with the sampling and analysis of oceanographic time series data, and the effects that the sensor, recorder, sampling plan and analysis can have on the results. ����A��R�E����p6;�e�MAimk%HS멘�gs!9�&)J4Mn w�U�:�����f�O�w��~\�gc3�j�jJ6�˓,sjOͼMH�j�ٹ�Q�#K�g�����t���ɽ�_/�=�����z�Tͼ��'�$0a�N�a��^ß� ˤ_��]�:��'��r�B����h����(sNթ�����6 L����R�J^S��X�� ��9x.�N~�5�f���+%`�VQP���T����S$s�I� ��w%ы#��(��N�f1�� <> <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 19 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 1>> 2 0 obj H�b```�����@ (������ �� ��b�����G1�Md��������p��d>�c���X���(`@6O/:�\ endobj 17 0 obj stream 1 0 obj <> *^~T4�;� <> The population can be defined in terms of geographical location, age, income, and many other characteristics. Sampling 62–70 10.1 Introduction 62 10.2 Definitions 62 10.3 Types of Population62 10.4 Sample 63 10.5 Sam pling Variation and Bias 64 10.6 Nonprobability Sampling Techniques 65 10.7 Probability (Random) Sampling Techniques 65 10.8 Listing of Population 69 10.9 Sample Size 69 Questions 70 11. endobj <> 2 Explain how samples and populations, as well as a sample statistic and population parameter, differ. endobj %PDF-1.3 %���� In business, companies, marketers mostly relay on non-probability sampling for their research, the researcher prefers that because of getting confidence cooperation from his respondent Introduction to Sampling Introduction In this chapter you will learn about: • The important terms and definitions that are used in sampling. thlWYt����7U(��y��&��#:.:�N���oQ8�L|V���/���b�K�1݌4�\�X�|]�k����cё@ӊ�U�u��4N��h2���a�n��c*až��-�ǵ)�R? պ�h������~�u���S���7∐L���\��L�W��(轊��L�_1���Q��e��m���ێ��N�EعS=�>sO���gZk"/M��`BFMa�@��r�-��!J�L��i����>I���T]��)��BŌ�t.rߓ�^�l�P��I"�>���!���G�M�Lgl3H�0��