Both Bruce Greenwood and Nolan North do a commendable job embodying their respective superhero characters but the new animated high-definition segments stick out like a sore thumb and mesh horribly with the footage taken from the older film. Still, such stunts are only as good as their execution, and the Warner Bros. Batman: Death in the Family not only brings a brand-new story to life, but viewers are given the option to change the entire story along the way. ☾"ivdpws4 - An adaptation of the 1988 comic book storyline of the same name, Death in the Family chronicles the tragic death of second Robin Jason Todd at the hand of the Joker." Unlike a lot of prior interactive endeavors, it's actually worth watching all the "Death in the Family" permutations to see the wide variations. Directed by Brandon Vietti. Ouch. However, while the shorts offer something new and exciting in terms of story- incorporating lesser known DC properties like The Phantom Stranger and Adam Strange- the same compliments cannot be extended to the eponymous short which is the supposed pièce de résistance of this animated collection. (Like CNN, DC and Warner Bros. are units of WarnerMedia.). It is an adaptation of A Death in the Family, an expansion of Batman: Under the Red Hood and probably a few other things as well. Batman has the benefit of being so awash in mythology as to lend itself to this format, with his multiple sidekicks and rogue's gallery of villains. It is also the centerpiece of an anthology of five animated shorts inspired by character and stories from DC’s ever-expanding repertoire of materials. That's not to say "Batman: Death in the Family" isn't a gimmick too, but at least it's a fun, inventive one -- and a pretty clever way to kill time on a long, dark night. Rarely, however, do interactive stories feel this distinctive, as opposed to funneling the audience back toward preordained outcomes, after the mild kick of dictating wrinkles in the narrative. From Batman: Mask of the Phantasm to the more recent Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, DC has consistently churned out expertly crafted comic book movies that possess heart and offer thrills to both the general audiences and fans alike. In order to access the other alternative ‘paths’ you’ll have to visit the bonus features but the downside is, not all digital retailers offer bonus features with their purchase. ... Batman: Death in the Family: Trained as Batman’s protégé, Jason Todd brings a relentless sense of justice as Robin, who sets his sights on bringing down the Joker. Batman: Death in the Family is Warner Bros. first foray into interactive storytelling, allowing fans to call the shots and decide where the story goes, through an innovative navigation process via the viewer’s remote control. Flickering Myth Rating – Film: ★ ★ / Movie: ★ ★. All rights reserved. But unlike a lot of these exercises, the viewer's choices take the story in wildly different directions, to the point where it feels like a distinct experience watching each version and its various forks in the road. are registered trademarks / copyright their respective rights holders. Directed by Brandon Vietti.Featuring the voice talents of Bruce Greenwood, Vincent Martella, John DiMaggio, Zehra Fazal, Nolan North, Gary Cole, and Nick Carson. Robin foolishly decides to go after the Joker (John DiMaggio) alone, and promptly gets caught, beaten, and left facing what appears to be near-certain death. Since the very beginning DC has always been ahead of their Marvel counterparts when it came to their animated efforts. (CNN)Interactivity has become a bit of an overused gimmick, including "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch" to "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" on Netflix. The superhero genre, moreover, regularly indulges in what-if and alternate-reality scenarios, which makes this a more natural fit than most recent forays into interactivity. Still, such stunts are only as good as their execution, and the Warner Bros. Praised highly for its top-notch animation, emotionally resonating narrative and exceptional voice acting performances, Batman: Under the Red Hood also went on to become a solid hit in terms of domestic home video sales as well. In this very first interactive animated DC movie, you get to decide Jason Todd's fate. This is the very first interactive animated movie in the Batman universe. Depending on which path is followed, the story veers off on paths that yield unintended consequences, and usually leave somebody paying the price.