I'm always having to go from working out to picking up kid from school, or running late enough to not be able to touch up my hair.. so it's a great way to add that extra freshness that gives confidence. ORIGINAL. I can go two days with this before feeling like I need to wash, but I can go almost a week with the original before feeling like my hair looks greasy. Massage thoroughly with fingertips to ensure roots are fully covered. This stuff is awful. View ingredient list. Shake it up, baby. Make sure to not run your hands through your hair or go to bed with white sheets if this is in your hair. It's garbage. No wonder it's one of our most popular. It leaves a tint behind thats a little too dark for me. I have course grey hairs that pop up near my face. I love that I can find it at any drugstore, which is even more convenient. Sent from and sold by Amazon. Batiste Dry Shampoo instantly makes your hair feel clean, fresh, with added body and texture. It has a great price point and gets the job done without leaving the white powdery residue. The color came off on my hands and nails when I touched my hair or ran my fingers through it. When applying it to my hair, I was happy to see no white residue, but it has brown residue which is worseee! I do prefer this brand over several others and I would purchase again. Let's face it, life gets crazy sometimes and skipping a wash (or two) is inevitable. Use this time to finish getting ready — or stare into space. oz. I can't even. Plus it gives great volume and is absolutely worth the price. My favorite was the energizing tingle I got when spraying it on. Hold can 10-12 inches from dry hair, section, and spray onto roots. I finally got to try using this because I over slept yesterday morning, and ended up being late anyways because I had to take a shower to 1) wash my face and neck which looked like a 5 year old boy that just crawled off of a playground and 2) to wash my hair because the brown powder KEPT falling out of my hair onto my face and clothes. Batiste specializes in making dry shampoos for every type of hair, but especially those that tend to get oily between washes. Batiste is a registered trademark of Church & Dwight Co., Inc. ©, Batiste Divine Dark Dry Shampoo Ingredients. Usually after days of not washing,my hair tends to get flat,heavy and eventually oily. The waterless formula targets excess oil, dirt, and grease at the roots. I'm a customer for life! It does make quite a mess if you get carried away using it as it is a dark powder, however if you just use it sparingly then there isn't really an issue with it. I have dark brown hair and this works great in it. Batiste Trockenshampoos ️ Versandfrei ab 24,95 € Gratis-Proben Über 1000 Top-Marken Zu DOUGLAS! Inhalt 200 ml (1,95 € * / 100 ml) 3,89 € * Batiste Dry Shampoo big & bouncy XXL Volume . Batiste Dry Shampoo Hint Of Color, Brilliant Blonde - 6.73 Oz (pack of 1) 4.2 out of 5 stars 261. Batiste Dry Shampoo instantly makes your hair feel clean, fresh, with added body and texture. The smell is amazing, but I would like for the color pigment to be a little richer. All rights reserved. Brush through to remove excess residue and style as desired. Highly recommend.Batiste Dry Shampoo Dark 400ml. Ive been using Batiste dry shampoo for years and I love it. This stuff makes a HUGE mess, being colored like it is you cant even touch your hair after applying it all or they will be covered in dark brown gunk. Get in there! 4.2 out of 5 stars 277 ratings. Overall works good does what it says. Its great for people with dark hair, because you are not left with grayish white streaks in your hair! Doesnt leave a white cast and gets the grease gone! P.S. Batiste Dry Shampoo, Beautiful Brunette 6.73 Ounce (199ml) (3 Pack) 4.6 out of 5 stars 899. The product smells amazing; the powder is a little too much, just like the rest of the dry shampoo line makes my hair white. Much prefer white roots with regular dry shampoo that a dirty face. Brush, comb, or tease (whatever your hair needs), style, and get going — and maybe one last spray for good luck. Also leaves hair smelling nice. Not quite as good as the original, but doesnt leave a white film on the hair so it is absolutely worth it for those with dark hair. Redken has the best dry shampoo!! I have oily hair that is very thin; this helps me get the appearance of a fuller, more even hairline. Shipping Restrictions : This item cannot be shipped via air. (Picture is 5 days from being washed). Ive tried others that are more expensive, but I always go back to Batiste. I realized I need to use the dry shampoo before my hair gets oily rather than after it does or else my hair just looks matted. Pack of 3 Batiste Dry Shampoo Plus, Brilliant Blonde 6.73 oz (Pack of 3) I really like how it doesnt turn my hair gray like the white dry shampoos do. This definitely does the job and I love that it doesnt leave my hair looking white and dusty, but it does leave dark residue in my hair. I need to brush it to get the excess of my hair. This is the same type of stuff I used to color my hair as a kid on Halloween. $16.86. Batiste Dry Shampoo Hint Of Color, Brilliant Blonde - 6.73 Oz (pack of 1) Visit the Batiste Store. If you have darker hair this stuff is awesome as it doesnt leave any white residue behind. This product is alright. Separate your hair into sections, hold the bottle 12” away, and spray into your roots. From mahohany to chocolate to midnight black, we've got you covered. Use a little or a lot — it just depends on what you need. It doesnt compare to the other plus it smells great and gives you volume! I would keep buying this product. Designed just for blondes, Batiste Brilliant Blonde Dry Shampoo keeps your hair clean and refreshed with a hint of color that matches your roots. Refreshes, but could only use for one day and have to shampoo the next. Use to avoid white residue, and enhance your color with the mild notes of bergamot, white peach and vanilla bean. I was able to style,straighten,put my hair up and go twice as long in between washes with Batiste! With an exotic fragrance blend of coconut, jasmine, and peach, Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo is perfect for giving your hair an instant lift between washes. This stuff is awful. Dont do it ladies and gents, deal with a little white cast, and blend it in more, rather than use this and stain EVERYTHING your hair touches. CHERRY. I don't wash my hair everyday because it drys it out badly. My hair is a very dark brown (almost black) and this is the only dry shampoo that doesnt leave white residue near my scalp! Since i color my hair, dry shampoo is a must to make the color last, and this product does an excellent job of soaking up oils and allowing me to wait longer between washes. Batiste dry shampoo. Can only use for one day and then I have to wash my hair again. I used it after I did my make up for the day and ended up having to wash my face and hair cause there was black stuff everywhere and it wouldn't stop coming out of my hair. Inhalt 200 ml (1,95 € * / 100 ml) 3,89 € * Batiste Dry Shampoo Color - brünette . I have brown hair but this product is very dark tinted. My favorite dry shampoo ever. Batiste Dry Shampoo Color - dunkel braun . This item: Batiste - Dry shampoo and a hint of color for blondes - 200ml £3.00 (£1.50 / 100 ml) In stock. Perfect for the girl-on-the-go, use Batiste Dry Shampoo between washes to keep your hair looking fresh and fabulous without the effort. TROPICAL. oz. I have dark hair and this is the only product I can quickly and confidently use knowing there won't be a large white spot left in my hair like normal dry shampoos. Batiste Divine Dark is formulated with a hint of color so you can say goodbye to white residue and hello to a dry shampoo that blends seamlessly with your dark hair. Butane, Isobutane, Propane, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch, Alcohol Denat, Parfum (fragrance), Limonene, Linalool, Distearyldimonium Chloride, Cetrimonium Chloride, Cl 77491, Cl 77499 (Iron Oxides). It smells great, and since it has a dark tint to it there's no white cast on my dark brown hair! I threw it out after trying it once. I really wanted to like this, but it's very messy and comes off on things. Works okay but I feel like my hair gets heavy. Before using and between sprays. I also think that the original non-colored dry shampoo works better at soaking up oil. Doesnt leave your hair looking dull. I highly suggest this product especially if you have dark hair. Why haven't I been using this product! Dry shampoo offers a quick and convenient way to get that fresh, clean feeling when you don't have time to wash your hair. I keep re-purchasing this because it doesnt get better than this. HINT OF COLORDIVINE DARK. Of course last but not least Batiste covered those bad boys! This is my number 1 product. For hair that makes you go “whoa.”. The brand is usually pretty decent for me, but I won't be using this colored product again. Absorbs a lot of oils and can leave 2nd or 3rd day hair looking good as new. Use your fingertips, to massage Batiste into your hair. BLUSH. NEON. Batiste Dry Shampoo Plus 6.73oz Beautiful Brunette (2 Pack) Batiste Dry Shampoo, Divine Dark, 6.73 fl. It isnt expensive and you get great value for what you pay for it. I dont like how it makes my hair less shiny, but that happens with every dry shampoo I use.