Using the pillow in the bass drum will reduce the sustain whilst providing a fatter, more controlled, and punchier tone. In my many years of drumming, I’ve seen and played on many drum kits that have had either a pillow or blanket inside of the bass drum. I would definitely recommend that you buy a drum head that gives you the sound that you want as opposed to just throwing a pillow in your bass drum. These heads will you give you a staccato sound while also giving you a good tone. But if you have cheap heads, a cheap sound, and if you’re looking for something better, then definitely go with a bass drum head that’ll give you the sound you’re looking for. Angel has been drumming for sixteen years. Don’t just attach it to the outside. The Pearl BDMF Bass Drum Pillow is the very same product that Pearl uses on its flagship Masters Maple Reserve drum sets to create the perfect balance of power, attack, and sustain from the kick drum.. But in order to get a truly punchy bass drum, you’re going to have to buy the right bass drum head. I found this pillow helps to bring out the natural tone of any kick drum without choking it too much. Angel is also a student at Columbia University in New York City, studying Computer Science and Applied Mathematics—suffice it to say, he's a bit of a nerd. It was the most frustrating thing because the foam strip would always detach and I would have to readjust it. However, every head is different. Placing a pillow in your a bass drum is actually a pretty effective way of muffling your drum. It’s a top choice amongst pro drummers for use in the recording studio and live on stage. Clear heads tend to be more niche in the genres of music you can play, whereas coated heads tend to be more versatile. Have you ever been at a live performance and seen the drummer playing behind what looks like a glass or plastic screen? You can also use foam strips to mute the bass drum; just attach them on the inside of the drum but still up against the head. My pick for this would be the Remo Ambassador Coated bass drum head. It enhances the natural tone of your kick drum and you’ll be amazed at how good this product works. It’s not going to very punchy, and admittedly, it’s not going to have too long of a sustain. You've only seen one page. This bass drum pillow sits lengthways and has two elongated heads that simultaneously muffle both the batter and resonant bass drum heads. But this is a drum head that I wouldn’t mind putting on my bass drum, and also on my toms as well! Boasting a simple yet effective design, a professional appearance, and a great overall level of adjustability; the Evans bass drum pillow is the best choice for drummers of all budgets and ability levels. The art of drum muffling goes a lot deeper than just stuffing a bass drum with a bunch of pillows. The Pearl BDMF Bass Drum Pillow is the very same product that Pearl uses on its flagship Masters Maple Reserve drum sets to create the perfect balance of power, attack, and sustain from the kick drum. Whether or not you should put a pillow in your bass drum really comes down to the sound you’re looking for, and the current state of your drum heads. You will have to choose the correct size diameter to accommodate your kick drum. No matter where you place the mic, you can reduce the amount of boominess from the drum by placing a pillow … Plus it’s actually easier to attach it on the inside because you have more surface area to work with rather than just the hoops of the bass drum. Now it might be tempting to just leave your bass drum hollow (I.e., no pillow) if you already have bass drum with a sustained sound. I’m totally impressed by how effective the KICKPRO kick drum pillow is in operation. Pillow Placement In Bass. Lastly up for review, we have the DW Bass Drum Pillow, and this is another quality product designed to significantly improve the sound of your kick drum. The purpose of tuning your bass drum is to use the same fundamental tone as the key of your song. If it's the same pillow that came in a DW set I no longer own, it has a tag on the side that says the bass drum depth it's meant to fit. Though this is an inexpensive solution, it isn’t a very elegant one, and sometimes, putting a pillow in your bass drum only solves half of the problem of trying to get a great bass drum sound. To keep this pillow in the bass drum, Pearl includes a hook-and-loop adhesive to prevent it from sliding around inside the shell. It wasn’t until I made a conscious decision to better my... Hi, I'm Angel, and I've been drumming for almost two decades. This bass drum pillow does a great job at absorbing the internal sound waves to help produce a more focused sound. Most drummers’ think of muting your drums with mufflers is a way to limit the sound of your drums. Another one of the best bass drum pillows on the market, the Evans EQ Pad Pillow offers fantastic value for money. Tuning is a topic of another article. Now doing this will improve the sound of the bass drum if all you’re looking for is a muffled sound. In genres like rock or metal, the preferred bass drum sound is one that is staccato, or “punchy,” and putting a pillow in the bass drum is a cheap method of achieving such a sound.