Microphones manufactured respective to microphone companies. Create a tunnel with acoustic panels. Partnering with world market leaders in the microphone industry: AKG, Audio Technica, Audix, Sennheiser, Shure, to provide the most popular microphones in the world, the MAY Internal Miking System is available in both BD and SD R/F models. Shift polarity on one of them and blend them into the desired balance, controlling the “kick” sound and the low frequency component. 100% of sonic isolation from any mechanical vibration. Mounting to the drum's existing lug casing fasteners and cabling routed through the drum's vent hole with the provided patented AVC connector, the MAY IND provides a non invasive, maximum impact miking system for your snare, floor, rack tom and kick drum without any drilling. The MAY patented internal miking system provides maximum presence and isolation from ambience. One thing to be aware of with this mic placement is bleed from other drums like the floor tom and snare. The patented design uses the drum's current vent hole while still allowing the drum to breathe. Sonic Isolation Non Drill Installation As he demonstrates how to mic up a drum kit, Jae takes some time to explain his microphone selection and placement, and why he’s making those choices. The best way to set up your mic on your drum kit will vary based on how many mics you’re using, and the makeup of your drum kit. Near the head for a sharp attack from the beater. The Internal Miking System allows for a consistent, controlled sound, and without the disruption of external interference. Industry Leaders With less than a one inch diameter footprint, the Integrated Non Drill aluminum design mounts through the drum's lug casing fastener and is isolated by a rubber washer. Kick drums come in lots of sizes, from big, wide Bonham-style 14″ x 26″ bass drums to … Capture your sound from inside the drum; the origin of it's distinct tone. He offers up overhead miking tips, how to reduce bleed of the ever-present hi hat, why he uses multiple microphones on the kick drum, and more. - Richard Karst November 1999 . Monorail Design ©2020 RANDALL MAY INTERNATIONAL INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, MAY Miking System | IND Animation Assembly. In conjunction with the MAY IND miking system, the monorail installation is drill free and the preeminent miking system for your kick drum. Aluminum Chassis When miking a bass drum with a single microphone and a ported resonant head, a good starting point is to position a boom-mounted mike inside the kick drum with its diaphragm off-center and a few inches from the batter head. Aluminum Chassis Halfway inside the drum for a little less attack on the beater. The noise-masking acoustic diffusion you get in the best live venues lets you get away with all kinds of tricks, from extreme EQing to dynamics processing that would sound awful on a studio album. First is the dynamic mic, which will often be used on the snare, bass … Quite simply, there is nothing like it. If your drum sounds thin after trying these mic-placement approaches, you can try these two things: Tune the drum slightly up. An advancement in both technology and sonic isolation, the MAY patented Monorail Miking system was created specifically for the dynamics of the kick drum. BASIC DRUM MICROPHONE SETUP ... Bass drum ("kick" drum): AKG D112 Electro-Voice RE-20 Shure SM 7 Shure SM 57 (not recommended because there's not enough low end, but it's okay if it's all you have.) basic drum mic placement for session recording. Near the outside stand head for a boomy sound. DESIGNED, FABRICATED AND ASSEMBLED IN THE USA *. Mod… Non drill installation in now standard for all MAY Internal Miking systems. Internal Miking System | Integrated Non Drill (IND)