Wash and shred the bamboo shoots. You will also need to increase the simmering time when using winter bamboo. To ensure they’re really dry, you can pat them dry with a clean kitchen towel. www.thehongkongcookery.com/2015/04/fresh-bamboo-shoots-how-to-prepare… Drain well. Calories: 112 kcal. 250 g bamboo shoot, … 2. Homemade Chili Bamboo Shoots: Recipe Instructions. Bamboo shoots recipe You’ll need: 350g bamboo shoots 100g pork, minced Green onion Starch 50ml vegetable oil 1/2 teaspoon salt 3 cloves garlic 1 tablespoon cooking wine 1 tablespoon oyster sauce. Dried Bamboo shoot is great ingredient for soups and you can use packaged bamboo shoots as a substitute for fresh bamboo shoots in this recipe. Usually bamboo shoots are available in forest in Spring and Winter. How to treat bamboo shoots and braise bamboo shoots with soy sauce. There might be very slight differences in flavor, but you can use canned bamboo shoots in most recipes, of course, including bamboo shoot recipes for vegetarian. Our chili oil is a purer spicy flavor, whereas chiu chow oil has a garlicky flavor. 21 hrs . Add the ginger and cook for about 30 seconds. 1. Small bamboo shoots grow quite fast in Spring after spring rains. Ingredients. Different types of bamboo have various sizes of bamboo shoots. And bamboo shoots with shells are harvested when they are around 40cm to 60cm long. Braised Spring Bamboo Shoots: Recipe Instructions. 5 from 1 vote. Print. Heat 3 tablespoons of oil in a wok over medium heat. How to cook bamboo shoots. Add the cooking wine to the pork, mix with salt and starch, and marinate for half an hour. In places where fresh bamboo shoots are not available, the canned version comes as a real alternative. Braised Bamboo Shoots. Course: Side Dish Cuisine: Chinese Servings: 2. Slice the garlic and chop the … Transfer to a bowl and add the chili oil or chiu chow oil to taste. Before we begin, a note: if you’re using fresh winter bamboo shoots, it’s a good idea to blanch the bamboo first…once they are cut. Prep Time. Rinse the bamboo shoots under cold water.