L'ora era ampiamente passata. But what's probably more important is the probability of the supply shock translating into sustainable embedded inflation. Viaggiava nel paese del sonno senza più ingombro di bagaglio. And you can go at your own pace. The pace of innovation may slow down or speed up depending on the appetite in the public markets, but the constant progress of technology doesn't really ever stop. BrainyQuote has been providing inspirational quotes since 2001 to our worldwide community. Either we go back to the days when everything was disposable and landfill dumps consumed our countryside at an increasing pace, or we recognise that we have limited resources and need to use them wisely and sustainably. He is a driver I support, in terms of him being British, and I want him to win, but he isn't an idol to me. Sarebbe bello restarci tutti insieme, senza vedere più nessuno, senza dover più scendere a valle.”, “Le affinità elettive erano un gioco rozzo a paro degli insondabili giri del sangue, capace di dare peso, corpo, respiro alla memoria. I am disturbed when I see the majority of so-called Christians having such little understanding of the real nature of the faith they profess. In life, you have to take the pace that love goes. Don't worry, he'll get the project done—he just has to … I think that a church should be setting the pace for social justice. “Per questo ho deciso di aspettare la notte, perché attenua i contorni, sfuma i volti, rende opachi di sguardi - vi si può scomparire dentro. Poteva dormire a lungo, tanto sul comodino c'erano il portafoglio coi soldi e un bicchiere d'acqua. In philosophy if you aren't moving at a snail's pace you aren't moving at all. And now, to be driving the Corvette Pace Car... this is going to be unbelievable. Everybody is moving up at the same pace. Denial helps us to pace our feelings of grief. The important thing is that you keep trying to talk to each other, even if it's difficult at first. The physical nature and the pace of the game was a big thing, and many of the teams defended really deep against Celtic so there was not so much space to run in behind. The pace at which people are taking to digital technology defies our stereotypes of age, education, language and income. That is leading to a lot of problems which we need to address. There are races and then there are races. Never delay a prompting. The underlying principles of strategy are enduring, regardless of technology or the pace of change. I live in Connecticut, but eventually I'd like to move back to New Orleans. It's really a perfect guy's horror movie: There's no love story, it's just straight-up horror. Jim Newman, the business visionary who created the term 'comfort zone,' showed me how to expand my horizons. The content's got to be great, but then it's got to be delivered. I learn slowly; I make decisions at a snail's pace. It's a tricky thing to do, and it takes a lot of work. Hence, Dharma has to change with time. You're supposed to feel that a film has pace and rhythm and drama, but you're not necessarily supposed to be worried about how that was accomplished. I'm happy I'm doing films at a slow pace rather than doing anything and everything. The glaciers move a lot faster and they react a lot faster than people imagine. Ti passerà anche la rabbia.”, “A progressive society chooses a Dharma which benefits most members of that society. If you get too happy about some things or too unhappy about others, you get worn out. Commute by bike. Although circumstances may change in the blink of an eye, people change at a slower pace. It is important that legislation keeps pace with scientific progress. I don't know how to say that in English, but you just feel it. It's best if you can pace yourself a little bit more. It's very difficult to start a private university. Robert Louis Stevenson Quiet Go Like Clock It makes me feel good that the Lord even knows who I am and knows me well enough to know that if He has an errand to be run, and He prompts me to run the errand, the errand will get done. And without a doubt, the Indy 500 is the race that I've always wanted to attend. Going back all the way to my childhood on the farm, the fields and forests were places of adventure and self-discovery. You need calm. I once took a workshop with Jim Shepard, and he has this term, 'rate-of-revelation,' that has come to mean a lot to me: 'the pace at which we're learning crucial emotional information about the stories' central figures.' Fartlek, or speed play, is variable-pace running that emphasizes creativity. A lot of stuff happens daily when you're running a company like Subway. My pace alone is unstoppable. I just stay in my own lane and not worry about what anyone else is doing and settling my own pace. Quiet minds cannot be perplexed or frightened but go on in fortune or misfortune at their own private pace, like a clock during a thunderstorm. Cycling is almost completely free. The blind observation of any principle can only lead to failure, miseries and unhappiness.”, “O femeie înseamnă pace în tropotul războaielor ce urlă-n cor, neliniștea.”, “Moving slowly, listening, noticing when my own intentions are trying to take over, and pausing in that moment have so often proved to be the most respectful and effective path of healing.”, “Se su di un confine non passano le merci, vi passeranno i cannoni.”, “In modern time slowness is new sickness.”, “Togli il sangue dalle vene e versaci dell'acqua al suo posto: allora si che non ci saranno più guerre.”. And it's so well-done. There is no longer any need for the gym as you get fit by cycling. It is nature's way of letting in only as much as we can handle. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Why should we be in such desperate haste to succeed, and in such desperate enterprises? I would like to propose slow cycling. It's not about the pace, it's about the direction we've set. “Over the years I have come to realize we just can't know how or when resolution will come ... “Joshua is one of the people who taught me about respecting pace, particularly when it is very slow. Everyone grows at their own pace, and you shouldn't compare yourself to anyone. Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem, Mirror of Intimacy: Daily Reflections on Emotional and Erotic Intelligence, Heat: An Amateur's Adventures as Kitchen Slave, Line Cook, Pasta-Maker, and Apprentice to a Dante-Quoting Butcher in Tuscany, The Heart of Trauma: Healing the Embodied Brain in the Context of Relationships. We live in a world defined by the rapid pace of technological change. Atâta vreme cât un singur om va prococa altui om suferință, lumea nu va avea linişte. If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. As a result of that, our higher education is simply not keeping pace with India's demands. If I lose forcing the pace all the way, well, at least I can live with myself. We're modern women! Glacial pace is actually an incorrect concept. I grew up there; the pace is a bit slower. “...you must always be yourself, and do things at your own pace. I know that my energy falls and rises with the phases of the moon. Taliò il ralogio e sobbalzò. The U.S. must continue to carefully withdraw troops from Afghanistan at a pace based on assessment of the ground conditions so we do not leave our Afghan partners unable to guarantee long-term security or risk Afghanistan becoming a terrorist safe haven again. Welcome back. I am very fond of technology and like to keep pace with change. While Dharma is an ancient concept, it must incorporate new principles to keep pace with changing times. For example, no one can be certain about the pace at which economic headwinds will fade. I promise.”, “Tornato quassù dopo tanto tempo. The time for action is limited - we are approaching a tipping point beyond which the opportunity to reverse the damage of CO2 emissions will disappear. There is a grace in denial. He wanted a change of pace, so in the early '90s, my family moved to L.A., right in the middle of Tehrangeles.