If you want your kids to study those fairy tales, send them to Sunday school if you can't afford private. In fact, it will be difficult to get able and suitable teachers for religious education. Let them decide for themselves what they want to believe in. That utter nonsense should be kept to denominational schools. Religion education is generally based on preaching. In India, Shri Syed Ahmed Khan, Radhakrishnan, Madan Mohan Malviya, Mahatma Gandhi, Dayanand, Ravindra Nath Tagore and Arvind and such other great men have advocated religious education. WHEN a trio of fishing mates went to wet a line, they didn’t expect they’d be helping a massive tiger shark back into her home. The aim of education is all-round development of the individual in which development of character is the main aim. I myself am not religious. Only then the goal of an all- round development of the individual may be achieved. They don't get a mark for it, they don't have to achieve a level of understanding they just enjoy the stories and with all that is bad in the world these days I for one am happy that my children have a class (and teacher) that they have come to respect, enjoy and learn in. What's wrong with a bit of love, peace and respect in the kids' lives? News News Humanity had to suffer due to the menace of these wars. It will be worthwhile to provide education in high human ideals which are adored by people of every religion instead of giving place to the rituals of different sects. It's up to them what they want to believe. In such countries which are mainly religious, the religious education will be useful from educational point of view. School uniforms are the best way to ensure childrens clothes are practical. It is widely assumed that religious (or “faith-based” or “faith”) schools are a good thing. © The Bundaberg Newspaper Company Pty Limited 2020. It is necessary to present its universal form. 5. Physical comforts alone do not provide real pleasure and peace. This is what people had to say. Self- realization is individualistic. It will be better to analyze religion with the help of science but the teachers will not accept it because science may injure the personal beliefs. Would you like to see it removed from all state schools?". Such examples in the history of religion may create irreligious feelings in children. So, they may feel forced to believe in something that they really don't. Selfishness is the outcome of materialism which creates vices like enmity, jealousy and intolerance. Bundaberg’s incoming MP has been training and attending parliament as he gears up to take on representing the region. Unauthorised reproduction is prohibited under the laws of Australia and by international treaty. Education based on religion will be easily understandable and interesting in such countries. Man imbibes ‘religion’ through self-realization. I went to Catholic schools where religious study was something we had to do. Evidently, religion is to be given due place in education for the sake of character development. Schools are about educating our future generations not railroading them into a particular following. PublishYourArticles.net - Publish Your Articles Now, Copyright infringement takedown notification template. Some people tried to bring peace in the world and efforts are still continuing. The kids who opt out of RE are made to feel isolated from their peers. “Our battle-worn state needs the job bonanza that would come. Separation of Church and State Opponents of religion in schools often bring up the issue of church and state. Putting a focus on religion in schools is a direct violation of these laws. PublishYourArticles.net is home of thousands of articles published by users like YOU. Gouverneur Morris, the penman for the Constitution said, "Religion is the only solid basis for good morals. Students are extremely susceptible to peer and public pressure and coercion. Your five reasons for and against religion in our schools by Crystal Jones Crystal Jones Crystal Jones is a senior journalist and editor at the Bundaberg NewsMail. Here we summarise the main arguments against faith schools and challenge some common assumptions. In the first amendment is states that the Constitution prevents the Congress to make laws that prohibits the freedom to freely exercise religion and "abridging" our freedom of … The following arguments may be presented in favour of religious education: 1. My children aren't baptised and their religion lessons in class are the only exposure to religion they have. This religion alone can be named as human religion. Content Guidelines 2. Disclaimer Copyright. So I asked my parents to write a letter to excuse me from that class to do other activities. Yes, you can teach a child to respect themselves and others around them. 1. She has worked extensively in regional Queensland news since 2007 and has tackled big issues including the extensive abuse in the aged care industry. Religion is a personal choice. As a consequence, at least half of adults outright embrace creationism and reject evolution. He becomes prepared to commit atrocities and cruel actions. Find out where you can pick up the edition of Monopoly. As a condition for receiving federal financial aid, the law required that public secondary schools not discriminate on the basis of religion or political viewpoint in recognizing and supporting extracurricular activities. I am OK with doing my homework. 3. He becomes virtuous only when he puts the same into practice. The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment provides that government shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion. It is a difficult task to correlate education and true human religion. We look back at his campaign in the lead-up to his... News We should have religion in public schools because the first amendment of constitution says we have the freedom of speech so we have the right to talk about our religion in school. Argument in Favor of Religious Education: There may be some strength in the above arguments. Therefore, education should teach of religion and the duties of man toward God". No. From a yacht club to residential buildings, here what’s involved in Stage 1 of the Gateway plan at Burnett Heads. But have these countries become happy and peaceful in spite their affluence? We took to Facebook to ask readers: "Are children being 'solicited' into Christianity through religious instruction in school? 2. News News We have said earlier that religious education becomes defective only when religion is treated in its narrow form. Why? He tries to get the physical comforts of this material world through all possible means (even though in human action). In the modern world scientific experimentalism, scientific invention, scientific thinking, intellectual and materialistic develop­ment have been continuously going on. This disturbs world peace. School uniforms are too expensive. it made me cringe. While integrating education and religious education we shall have to keep it in mind that the religion to be integrated should be human-religion. We all did - and majority of us would have received a religious education at school. Hence, religious education is necessary in order to get rid of inhuman tendencies. What is the Relation Between Religion and Education? TOS4. However, without everyone going gung-ho on their beliefs around religions etc, my thoughts are that there are stories/parables and such that help guide children and their behaviours towards others. If you want your kids to study those fairy tales, send them to Sunday school if you can't afford private If it is taught through education, the follower of any religion will not be ignored. Those who want to separate religion and education, argue in the following way: To give place to religion in education is not practicable, because children of all religions come to receive education in schools. Many surveys show that religious believers are more likely to give to charity. A QUEENSLAND school has suspended religious instruction after complaints from parents that children were being 'solicited' into Christianity.