We wrapped them in foil with butter, salt & pepper and set them by our camp fire. And the other trout that they’re supposed to be helping out? answer. Ron's recent blog post: Los Vaqueros - 11/24/20, Hi Bev. Could they go native? Obviously taste is subjective. One variety that is found in streams and lakes in the region is the splake, a hybrid of the native strains of lake and brook trout. They also can grow to a good size, topping ten pounds if the food, temperature and conditions are right. Am I on the right track here? The splake is a hybrid of two fish species resulting from the crossing of a male brook trout and a female lake trout The name itself is a hybrid between 'SP'eckled trout, another name for brook trout, and 'lake' trout. The bottom fish is a splake, a hybrid between a female lake trout and a male brook trout. What do Baby Trout Eat..and where could I be able to get them? If it does manage to grow, it sometimes grows faster than either kind of parent. Hence, splake are well suited for stocking in a variety of coldwater lakes and ponds. It would be a brook trout and a lake trout. Good Luck. Splake are considered "easier to catch " than other salmonids and often live longer and fare better in certain situations. FOLEY: As long as they don’t supplant them, right? There are some really interesting stories of this thing, of even having something like a splake at all. Ron. And the brook trout can live in lakes as well, but also in streams, and things like that. I've caught & eaten Brook Trout,not Lake Trout. The top three fish pictured are tiger trout, a hybrid of brown trout and brook trout. But in this case, sometimes they can reproduce, and in some lakes they do, but they’re desirable for a fisheries manager because they rarely reproduce in the wild, which you’ll say, “Well why is that good?” Because they’re easier to control. By What I,ve read on Splake they can be caught in all depths of water with a variety of Flies. A few are caught in the spring up in shallow water and a few more in the fall. Restoring Skip's Pflueger Sal-Trout and Checking the Bearings in his Zebco Quantum Q Vex 10 ... Can you eat bass from a lake that has been chemically treated for mosquitoes? FOLEY: So they're just good guys all around? STAGER: Well it basically looks like a kind of trout, and it’s actually a blend of two kinds of trout. Brook Trout. Photo: Splake: "Frankenfish" or a manageable addition to Adirondack fisheries, NY-22 razor-thin result goes to court, race attracted millions in campaign cash, Budget deficit looms as Democrats claim supermajority in Albany, This weekend in the Adirondacks: Rain, snow, ice - prepare for changing conditions, Glens Falls mission seeks donations and volunteers all year long, St. Lawrence County to purchase two COVID-19 rapid testing machines, Bacteria plus iron equals ochre, the prehistoric paint, St. Lawrence Co. reports majority of new COVID-19 cases Wednesday linked to Ogdensburg nursing home, Belleville Henderson in Jefferson County urges students to quarantine, Cuomo: "Forget the politics" and stay home on Thanksgiving, "It's not our system": Why many Mohawks don't vote, Boquet Valley Superintendent on keeping school open 'as long as we can', Trading textbooks for pitchforks: students try farm life during pandemic, Potential COVID-19 exposures in the North Country for the week of November 23, Community Advisory Board (NCPR Executive Council). I am not a fly fishermen and can not help there. And so, they can actually start eating the smaller versions of their competitors like bass or something.