The Gibson is significantly more expensive than the Epiphone. Good … Now, let’s do a “nuts and bolts” comparison of the Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s and the Epiphone reproduction model. No contest. Epiphones quality does vary a lot depending on when it was made though (some years were better than others). What tonal and playability differences do you notice, if any? Select two of the same price point guitars. Models such as the Texan, Frontier, Excellante, and the classic AJ-45 are reproductions of all-time “winner” guitars. Not only that, but your guitar will usually be very playable (even the really cheap ones) and sound great. However, there was one thing wrong with it – It was not a Fender or a Gibson and I wanted one of these classic guitars. If you haven’t heard of these guys before they are Thomann’s in house guitar brand. If I remember correctly it cost around $500 in the 80’s, so this was a mid-level instrument. Epiphone acoustic guitars are widely respected instruments that offer good value for the money, with price points for beginners as well as seasoned players. Anything prior to 1957 will be sold at a premium due to the fact that it was made by the original Epiphone company. Their tuners will simply “jump” randomly and won’t smoothly tune up and down. Why? Put up ANY epiphone against another guitar like a Gibson and you will not hear a lot of difference. The bottom line, is that these guitars – Especially certain models are an absolute STEAL. That was a LOT of money back in the day. The reason I think they won’t lose quality? Especially with guitars like the firefly ones coming out…… like these are SO GOOD that companies are literally doing ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING they can to compete with these cheap guitars. Note, when “A/B-ing” guitars from different price points, you will want to compare like models to like models. Unlike their partner company Gibson (who owns epiphone) their guitars are not made in the USA…….they’re made in overseas factories which allows them to be priced more reasonably. There’s really no in between at all. Older models tend to not have had the best quality control. This LP style guitar will straight up give you goosebumps. From 1957 until 1970, Epiphones were produced in the U.S. next to the Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I’m telling you all this for a few different reasons… First off it’s majorly important for you to know that almost ANY budget guitar you get nowadays – you’re going to be able to set up and play………right out of the box. Sometimes though, you can also get a great deal if you go through really old listings that haven’t sold yet. Let’s compare the Epiphone AJ-45ME with the Gibson J-45 Standard. So as long as you’re buying an epiphone that’s made recently, you should be okay. Copyright 2018 - 2020 Next Level Ecommerce, LLC all rights reserved. This is the best way I’ve found to get deals. Assuming that the more expensive guitar sounds better to your ear and feels better in your hands (which is not always the case), decide if the difference is enough to warrant the increase in price. Epiphone makes some great (and underrated) guitars. Their journey starts in a small guitar repair shop. Epiphones pickups are absolutely INSANELY underrated. Bonus: If you’re still worried about getting an epiphone………just do this. If you look at guitars built today for a beginner, and do standard quality checks AND THEN go and pick up budget guitars from back in the day………’ll be shocked at the difference. But for the lower prices, Epiphone does produce a fairly good instrument. Ideally, the next step would be to try both models out side-by-side in order to decide if the subjective sound and feel that you are experiencing (assuming that the Gibson gives you a better sound and feel) is worth the price difference.