50+ Hottest Fall Wedding Appetizers We Love [tps_header]Food is a very important point in every wedding organization as it should be affordable and very tasty to make all the guests happy. One of the most popular and delicious appetizer ideas is an Italian traditional snack of peaches or melons, prosicutto and blackberries on top (you may skip them if you want). One major aspect of an outdoor country wedding is the food offered during the reception; you want the menu to fit the theme as well as please the guests. Below you’ll find some more ideas, have fun! Hors d'oeuvres needn't be fussy -- or fussed over. Choose hamburgers! fresh watermelon cubes with pistachios and condiments is a very summer-inspired appetizer you'll love, crackers with cheese, sugared cranberries and herbs on top as a delicious appetizer for summer and fall weddings, pancake dimsum with various fillings is a fresh take on a traditional Asian dish, baked cups with feta cheese and sun dried tomatoes are hearty summer wedding appetizers, fruit salad with balsamic and fresh herbs is a delicious and fresh idea for a summer wedding, sweet summer wedding appetizers - donuts, mini pancakes on skewers and baked pops are great for a brunch wedding, watermelon cups filled with fresh fruits salad topped with herbs are very refreshing, baked veggies topped with pears, cheese and nuts are a hearty appetizer, cucumber slices stuffed with fresh tomatoes and some onions will make all the vegetarians and carnivore guests happy, s'more bites are a cute sweet idea, suitable for appetizers and for dessert tables, edible cones with fresh fruits, berries and herbs on top is a very creative option, a bite-size appetizer of tomatoes and toasted bread will work for any season, edible cupes with feta cheese and fresh herbs will refresh and keep guests happy, fresh fruit jelly will work for summer, if it's a tropicla wedding, prefer some tropical fruits, kebobs with lots of fresh fruit - strawberries, oranges, pineapples, kiwi and grapes - is always a good idea, wooden bowls with fresh fruits and veggies are a nice idea for summer, bold fruit jelly with herbs on top is a simple and very fresh summer-like option, falafels on spoons with ketchup, cream cheese, jalapeno and olives on top, mini sandwiches in cone glasses with tomato sauce is a simple and very affordable idea, woven baskets with fresh veggies - horse radish, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers and broccoli, perfect for a vegetarian wedding, coconut halves with salad of tomatoes, lemons, fruits and fresh greenery is veyr refreshing, yummy and fresh summer wedding appetizers of watermelon, blackberries and blueberries, watermelon, mint and feta appetizers with balsamic vinegar are a very refreshing idea for summer, tequila and tacos served on whole limes is a fantastic idea for a couple that loves Mexican cuisine, sweet beets, goat cheese and fresh greenery is a sweet and creamy summer wedding appetizer, suitable for a vegan wedding, strawberry and pineapple cocktail skewers will be a nice idea for a summer wedding cocktail hour, small bowls with salad of olives, tomaties, cucumbers, greenery and cheese, grilled gourds with cheese, cherry tomatoes and herbs on top are a heartier idea than fresh veggies, fresh vegetable slices with a simple dip are a great seasonal appetizer, fresh strawberry goat cheese crostini with balsamic are a tasty and vegan-fitting appetizer, fresh watermelon, cream and little cucumber slices placed on top the watermelons are a very creative combo, fava bean toasts are delicious and very healthy, it's a win-win idea for a vegan wedding or a usual one, edible baskets filled with salad of tomatoes, cheese and greenery will please both carnivore and vegan guests, caprese salad stacks with balsamic are fresh, tasty and very summer-like, perfect for vegan and non-vegan weddings. We are huge fans of interactive food stations for weddings and parties, and even more in love with the trend of unique bars and stations. Many couples have decided to incorporate mini gourmet foods into their wedding day. These artful bites can be adapted from all sorts of cuisines; or let your and your fiance's heritages inspire the menu. Simple and Elegant Wedding Appetizers: Most weddings have mediocre food, for some inexplicable reason – even when the couple has paid a lot of money for a fancy caterer. The best weather and the best day sounds like a recipe for a wonderful wedding. Whip it up for a healthy brunch! Simple and Elegant Wedding Appetizers: Most weddings have mediocre food, for some inexplicable reason – even when the couple has paid a lot of money for a fancy caterer. If it’s a beach or coastal wedding, or you just love sea food, think of serving scallops, grilled shrimps, cups with sea food of any kinds you love or offer caviar as a luxurious appetizer to your guests.