This Italian Antipasto Pasta Salad is a tasty make-ahead side dish or meal that’s full of veggies, salami, cheese and seasonings. Forget the boring, mayo-laden pasta salad and bring this fresh, hearty tortellini pasta salad to your next backyard barbecue! It really is the best antipasto pasta salad! It’s an easy pasta salad that everyone loves! If you've ever wondered what's in an antipasto pasta salad, this Italian Antipasto Pasta Salad recipe is full of ingredients like pepperoni, cheese, olives and Italian dressing for an authentic Italian flavor. An Easy Italian Pasta Salad Recipe. The perfect summer side dish, this antipasto pasta salad is loaded with cheesy tortellini, ripe grape tomatoes, artichoke hearts, salami, pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, smoked Gouda, green olives, black olives, and a tangy Italian vinaigrette. This salad is filled with fresh ingredients, but it’s super easy to make!